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If you are concerned about your personal environment, organic cotton drapes might be high on your list of items to purchase. As more people become concerned with VOCs, toxins, and residual pesticides in their homes, manufacturers are producing organic cotton items at faster rates. While you may need to search to find these items and pay a little more for them, ultimately the savings in health will be worth it.

Why Organic?

It is no surprise that organic items are growing in popularity. Twenty years ago it was difficult to find organic salad in a store and yet today you can find organic clothing, carpets, paints, and even organic decor for your home. People buy organic cotton drapes for many reasons.


From an environmental standpoint, organic cotton is an important choice. More consumers are concerned about the state of the environment and are interested in supporting companies that work to keep the Earth healthy. Conventional cotton is grown with the use of hundreds of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, many of them known to be carcinogens.

By purchasing organic fabrics for use in their homes, consumers are ensuring that the land continues to be healthy enough to produce the cotton and other plants. In the case of organic cotton drapes, it also means that the fabric will not have been treated with chemicals or harmful dyes during the manufacturing process.


When a fabric is certified organic, it can't be grown with the help of chemical fertilizers. This means that the manufactured fabric will not pose a threat to your family. There will be no VOCs, or residual toxins in the air for your children to breathe or absorb through skin contact.

Social Ethics

Many companies that manufacture organic products are concerned not only with the environment but with social issues as well. These companies provide safe working environments for their employees and pay them a fair and living wage. Some even provide school and health care, benefitting the entire community. Look for the Fair Trade label on organic products to ensure that the company treats its employees well.

Where to Buy Organic Cotton Drapes

If you are looking for drapes in organic cotton, you will more than likely need to order them from the Internet.

The Village Workroom

The Village Workroom is a smaller manufacturer of organic drapes. They have many different fabrics and styles for you to choose from. These drapes are also American made; the company manufactures in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Prices are wholesale, but you don't need to be a designer to buy the drapes. The company states that they usually have a five to 10 day turnaround time on the drapes from the time they receive the information until the time they ship it to you.

Plum Ridge

Plum Ridge makes custom drapes in many materials including organic cotton. They are made in the USA of domestically grown cotton. They also manufacture complementing items like tablecloths, pillows, and Roman shades.

Other Websites

Other websites to consider are:

Make Them Yourself

If you have sewing experience, you can make the organic drapes yourself in any color or style. All of the main pattern companies such as Vogue, Simplicity, and McCalls have numerous patterns for drapes which can be made in the organic fabric of your choice.

If you don't sew, you can always find a local seamstress that would be willing to make them for you. Ask at the local fabric store and look in the classified section of your newspaper for people who sew. You can also ask your local dry cleaner if they know of anyone. Sometimes they contract with seamstresses to do repairs.

You may all ready be using organic cotton sheets. Drapes, quilts, and other items are the next step.

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Organic Cotton Drapes