Co-Sleeper Organic Mattress

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If you are pregnant, you may be considering a co-sleeper organic mattress for the first few months after your baby is born.

Co-Sleeping Is Healthy

Co-sleeping is practiced in almost every country in the world. There have been studies that have shown that it contributes to a child's self esteem and overall health. In fact, studies have shown that children who sleep with their parents as babies are more independent than their peers with higher levels of self esteem and few health problems. For these reasons, it is an important component of the attachment parenting method of raising children. There are more benefits of co-sleeping discussed on Dr. Sears.

Some parents are concerned that they may roll over on their baby in the middle of the night. With a co-sleeper mattress, you can have both the benefit of co-sleeping and a safe place for baby to sleep.

What Is a Co-Sleeper Mattress?

A co-sleeper mattress is a small mattress that fits on a special co-sleeper bed. The bed fits next to your bed with sides that fit in next to your mattress on your bed. This allows you to keep your baby close beside you without concern for her safety. It allows for co-sleeping and easy middle of the night feedings. It is a wonderful help for moms who have delivered by Cesarean section.

The open side of the co-sleeper is even with the top of your mattress. The other three sides are raised to keep baby safely in the co-sleeper even when she begins to move and roll. The mattress connects firmly to your mattress. The bottom is padded firmly so it is both safe and comfortable.

It is usually made from natural latex and organic wool. Wool is a naturally resistant to fire and therefore the chemicals used to make items fire retardant are not needed. Latex allows the mattress to be waterproof, so it is easy to clean and provides a healthy environment for your baby to sleep in.

The Importance of Organic

Do you really need to spend the money on an organic mattress?

It is no secret that conventionally grown cotton and the products manufactured from it are full of residues from chemical fertilizers, toxins, and pesticides. Babies have weaker immune systems and they are small so they are at more risk from the toxins that an adult would be.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of these chemicals and then manufactured according to organic regulations. If it is certified organic, you can feel comfortable knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly on materials that won't harm her.

Where to Buy Co-Sleeper Organic Mattress

While you might have difficulty finding a co-sleeper organic mattress at a local store, you can find them in many places on the Internet. Some of the stores online that carry co-sleeper organic mattresses are:

Organic Is Best for Babies

Providing your baby with a gentle, organic environment from the moment of birth can give her a healthy start. Many parents will use organic foods, organic toys, and clothing but fail to provide organic bedding and toys. Use as many organic items as possible to ensure that your baby is exposed to the fewest chemicals and toxins.

Co-Sleeper Organic Mattress