Where to Purchase Organic Perfume

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Have you ever wondered where to purchase organic perfume? Many people are becoming aware of the potentially harmful chemicals found in common perfumes, colognes, body sprays, and other fragrances. To meet this growing consumer demand, organic companies are stepping it up in the perfume area.

Where to Purchase Organic Perfume

Organic perfumes are generally more difficult to find than their non-organic counterparts. However, it's getting easier! Organic lifestyle enthusiasts can rest assured that the demand for organic products of all kinds is only growing. Many people feel that organic products will become less elite and more affordable as the buying public becomes more aware of their importance.

Organic perfumes can be purchased at a variety of retailers and online. Here are a few ideas to help you as you shop for a more natural fragrance.

  • Fair Trade Shops - Fair trade retailers are becoming more and more popular. These stores focus on socially-responsible and natural products. Not every product will be organic, so be sure to read the labels and ask smart questions. These retail shops are great places to look on your search for the perfect fragrance.
  • Organic Food Stores - Many organic food stores have recognized the public's desire for more organic products than just foods. These stores have responded over the years with an expanded selection of non-grocery items, such as organic makeups, beauty care items, shampoos, clothing, and perfumes.
  • Perfume Shops - While many of the perfumes found in fragrance stores will not be organic, it's likely that they will carry a small selection of organic and natural perfumes, colognes, and body sprays. It never hurts to ask.

Online Retailers

It can be difficult for organic retailers and manufacturers to compete in a market that has thus far favored non-organic goods. As a result, many organic companies have chosen to market their products online, where the rent is cheap and the customers are many.

Here are a few online retailers that sell organic perfumes:

  • Lavender Farms - One of nature's most alluring scents, lavender could become your new signature scent! Available in several sizes, types, and scents.
  • Ayala Moriel Parfums - This unique company allows customers to custom design their own scents. What better way to ensure that the ingredients in your perfume are natural? This company also has an impressive commitment to fair trade and cruelty-free products.
  • Miessence Certified Organics - Miessence offers certified organic perfumes and other products, such as hair care, baby products, cosmetics, and more.

These organic perfumeries are just three of many online organic perfume retailers. It's important to check reviews and do your research before purchasing with a new company, especially when both quality and sustainability are of utmost importance to you.

Buying Organic Perfume

When you're shopping for organic perfumes, it's important to check out the ingredient list. Organic fragrances usually rely on a much more natural ingredient list than do common perfumes. Many perfumes on the market today contain far more synthetic ingredients than ingredients derived from nature, so it's important to educate yourself on these compounds.

Organic perfumes generally include the following ingredients:

  • Botanical ingredients
  • Essential oils
  • Organic grain alcohol
  • Distilled water

Purchasing organic beauty products can be especially important when you realize that the skin has the ability to absorb chemicals and other compounds applied to it. This means that the perfumes you are spritzing on your skin could be absorbed into your body. Keep this in mind as you search for where to purchase organic perfume and other health and beauty products.

Where to Purchase Organic Perfume