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Where to Find Organic Soap Making Supplies

Annette McDermott
organic soap

Organic soap can be a healthy, eco-friendly way to care for your skin. However, purchasing organic soap can be costly and, depending on the manufacturer, some soaps that claim to be organic may still contain synthetic ingredients.

If you learn to make soap at home, you can save money while having complete control over the ingredients that are used.

Buy Organic Supplies for Soap Making

Some craft stores have a small selection of organic soap making supplies. You may also be able to find these items at boutiques that specialize in organic products or your local natural products store. If you can't buy locally, there are online options available.

Bramble Berry

While not all of Bramble Berry's soap making supplies are organic, they do offer an organic soap base made from coconut and palm oils, organic sea salt, organic rosemary oil and organic lavender essential oil.

Purchasing Information

  • Organic Soap Base from Bramble Berry
    Organic soap base from Bramble Berry
    Bramble Berry orders can easily be placed by phone or online.
  • Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.
  • Shipping is via priority mail or FedEx and all shipped packages are insured. If ordering rosemary essential oil, keep in mind that it's considered a low flash point oil and must be shipped FedEx Ground.
  • Orders are usually processed within 24 hours; however, during peak seasons, orders may take longer to process.
  • There are no returns for essential oils or soap bases.


Satisfied customers are pleased with Bramble Berry's customer service, quality of products and quick order turnaround. Says one customer, "Brambleberry demonstrates true customer service and the service keeps me coming back!"

Botanie Soap

This company offers a nice variety of organic oils for cold pressed soap making. Organic choices include:

  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Palm fruit oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Sunflower oil

Oils are available in seven to thirty-five pound jugs and prices vary according to the type and amount of oil purchased. Bulk purchasing is also available. To order in bulk, Botanie asks that you contact them directly for details.

Botanie also offers a selection of organic herbs, exfoliating grains, and powders to add to your soaps such as orange peel powder, lavender powder, rose hips powder, and lemon verbena. If you're interested in marketing and selling your homemade soaps, Botanie Soap offers a line of private label packaging options.

Purchasing Information

  • Botanie Soap offers easy and secure online ordering.
  • Most orders ship within two days via FedEx ground.
  • Returns are accepted on unopened merchandise within fourteen days of the purchase date.

Botanie Soap enjoys an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

From Nature With Love

From Nature with Love carries a huge supply of organic oils that can be used in soap making. Their organic line includes:

  • organic cocoa butter
    Organic Cocoa Butter
    Essential oils
  • Vegetable and fruit oils
  • Beeswax
  • Hydrosols
  • Organic herbal powders

Their website also offers a resource center you can refer to when creating homemade soap.

Purchasing Information

  • Due to the sheer volume of products From Nature With Love offers, it can be a bit overwhelming to find what you're looking for. To find organic products, use the website's search option and enter the word "organic."
  • Secure online ordering is easy and orders are generally processed within 72 hours of being placed.
  • Products are shipped via UPS and shipping costs are calculated based on product weight.
  • A $5.00 surcharge is added to orders under $20.00.
  • Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.


Customer testimonials praise the company's fast service, huge product selection, outstanding customer service, price, and product quality.

Frontier Co-op

This company sells organic essential oils and herbs that can be added to your homemade soaps. Selections include organic calendula, and lavender flowers as well as organic geranium, grapefruit, lemon, sweet orange, peppermint, pine, and tea tree essential oils. Keep in mind that Frontier also sells non-organic versions of these ingredients so you'll need to double check your order to ensure you've chosen the organic option.

Purchasing Information

Organic lemon essential oil from Frontier Co-op
Lemon Essential Oil by Frontier Co-op
  • Orders are usually fulfilled within 24 hours.
  • Orders are shipped via FedEx and the shipping cost is based on your order total. Orders over $75.00 receive free shipping.
  • Secure online ordering is provided but, if you prefer, you can download an order form and fax it to Frontier.
  • Returns are accepted within 60 days of invoice date for quality or shipping issues only.


Frontier enjoys an "A+" rating from the BBB.

Grow and Make

This website offers an organic melt and pour oatmeal glycerin soap making kit. The kit contains everything you need to make twelve bars of organic soap including melt and pour base, two soap molds, three essential oils, colorants, and soap making guide.

Purchasing Information

  • Grow and Make offers secure online ordering and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.
  • Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery for undamaged products.
  • Most orders receive a FedEx shipping flat rate of $4.95 -- shipping is free for orders over $50.00.

If you prefer, this kit can also be ordered from Amazon where it received a five star review from one customer.

Rebatching Organic Soap

One way to easily create homemade soaps is to use to rebatch pre-made organic soaps. Rebatching is the process of grating and melting pre-made soap and then adding your own essential oils and botanicals, and/or molding the soap into a new shape. While this technique does have pros and cons, it's a popular soap making method.

If you're interested in purchasing organic soap to rebatch into your own creations, consider purchasing from the following companies. All offer organic soaps and some offer bulk options or scrap soaps leftover from their own manufacturing process.

Organics Are a Wise Investment

Finding supplies for making organic soap may take a bit of research, especially if you are making organic baby soap. However, this investment will pay off by ensuring you're creating soap that is good for your skin as well as the environment.

Where to Find Organic Soap Making Supplies