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Many of the nail treatments that people use on a regular basis contain toxic chemicals. However, customers can achieve the exact same results by using organic nail treatments. There are some excellent home remedies that can replace beauty products that are overly high in chemicals. There are also organic versions of the same beauty products that are specifically made without toxic chemicals to satisfy health-conscious consumers. While products labled "organic" may not all be 100 percent organic or certified, many have organic ingredients that will lessen exposure to those chemicals.

Organic Cuticle Treatments

Many people are prone to problems with dry cuticles, particularly if they suffer from general dry skin problems. People who wash their hands frequently and people who do a lot of manual tasks throughout the day will experience problems like this relatively frequently. It is possible to find types of cuticle treatments that do not contain harmful chemicals.


Badger Cuticle Care is a highly-rated balm that is used to moisturize cuticles. It is a USDA Certified Organic product, and its primary ingredients include shea butter, beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, various essential oils, and castor oil. Using the balm is a simple matter of rubbing it onto dry cuticles. The product has attracted many positive customer reviews on both MakeupAlley and Amazon, with the general reaction indicating that it is an effective product that is easy to use.


Pura D'or Argan Oil is a moisturizer that has multiple applications, including cuticle care. The product is regarded as Organic Certified by Ecocert and contains 100 percent pure, organic argan oil. The argan oil can be applied directly to a person's skin to moisten dry cuticles. Amazon customers have positively reviewed Pura D'or Argan Oil, praising its efficacy as a nail care, skin care, and hair care product all in one, making it a #1 Best Seller in the Cuticle Creams & Oils section.

Organic Nail Strengthening and Growth

People can experience problems with brittle nails for all sorts of reasons. Brittle nails often break before they can grow properly, making the situation difficult for people that are trying to grow long nails.

Aragon Oil

InstaNaturals makes a 100 percent USDA certified Organic Aragan Oil for Hair, Face, Skin, & Nails. It's also certified organic by Ecocert. The oil claims it "strengthens brittle nails and cuticles", among a host of other benefits for the skin and body. It also "prevents peeling and cracking".

Home Remedy

However, it is possible to create certain nail strengthening remedies at home using simple ingredients. Livestrong recommends a simple recipe for an organic nail strengthener that's made from olive oil and lemon juice. People who make their own nail care remedies will always have more control over the ingredients than people that use outside products even if those products are organic.

Organic Nail Kits

There's a great deal of overlap between different forms of nail care. In some cases, purchasing nail care kits is the most effective way of looking after one's nail health. Customers can get multiple products in one, and all the products will have come from the same manufacturer. As a result, they will only have to verify the quality of one product as opposed to several.

Care Kits

Gratiae has produced some organic nail care kits that contain hand and nail care cream, cuticle care oil, buffing blocks, and nail filers. While not 100 percent certified, many of the individual ingredients are certified organic according to the company, and customers won't have to absorb any synthetic chemicals over the course of their nail care regimens when they use their nail kits. Naturally Stellar gives the kit a positive review, noting both the scent and cuticle oil.

Nail Fungus Remedies

Many people develop fingernail fungus infections at some point during their lives. They need not resort to toxic treatments to make the fungal infections go away.

Tee Tree Oil

Earth Clinic (EC) recommends using a remedy as simple as tea tree oil to treat nails infected with fungus. Dr. Andrew Weil also recommends the use of tee tree oil, although it may take some time before the problem clears. According to the EC, customers only need to rub a small amount of tea tree oil on the fungus-infected nails in question to counteract the fungus.

There are plenty of organic varieties of tea tree oil, including certified organic WellnessScent Tea Tree Oil, which have no discernible ingredients other than organic tea tree oil. It is 100 percent USDA certified organic.

Oregano Oil

The EC also recommends using oregano oil as a home remedy that can counteract nail fungus. While oregano oil may have to be applied twice daily for a few months to produce results, it can still serve as a potent remedy.

Aura Cacia Organic has produced some excellent, QAI and USDA organic certified oregano oil for health-conscious customers looking for a safe way to get rid of nail fungus.

The Value of Organic Beauty Products

Customers shouldn't have to alter their personal care routines to reduce their exposure to chemicals. There are plenty of modern manufacturers that understand that. Some nail problems can be solved using simple home remedies, and others can be addressed using organic alternatives to common personal care products.

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