Organic Flower Delivery Options

organic flower delivery

The cut flower industry is a lucrative and creative business with the organic sector increasing in popularity. It is however difficult to find certified producers and deliverers of organic flowers since most of these farms are small and local.

Local Deliveries

In 2015, 75% of cut flowers sold in the U.S. were imported from Columbia alone (pg. 2). The California Cut Flower Commission states California accounted for 75% of all the flowers produced in the US. As of 2018, Greenhouse Management estimates as high as 80 percent of all cut flowers were imported from other countries into the US.

In responce, there has been an increase in demand for local CSA organic and chemical-free farm produce, including flowers. Small flower farms have sprung up all over the U.S. that sell their wares only locally.

New Leaf Organics

New Leaf Organics flower bouquet
New Leaf Organics Bouquet

New Leaf Organics is a CSA farm in Bristol, Vermont and is certified by Vermont Organic Farmers LLC. The farm grows 150 varieties of annuals and perennials, many of which are specialities, so they are also a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Flowers are from the farm, except for early season ones, which come from sustainable sources, so double check that your options are organic when placing your order.

Bouquets in vases can be ordered as gifts for family, friends and employees or for special events like Mother's Day. A personalized message can be added. For example Mother's Day bouquets cost $30 and $50 for the small and big size, respectively. Weekly floral delivery of bouquets in vases are available for home and office. They have various monthly plans such as:

  • Bouquets for four weeks at a cost of $130
  • Eight bouquets for eight weeks at $250
  • Bouquets for 12 weeks for $350
  • Bouquets for 16 weeks for $430

Bouquet deliveries are made to places within a distance of 15 kilometers of the farm. To order, fill a form and pay through PayPal.

Wedding floral services include bridal bouquets for $90-125, bridesmaid bouquets for $50-65, boutonnieres and corsages for $16-35, along with arbors, cake flowers, and even flower girl petals for a range of prices. Table arrangements are available in three sizes and cost $20- 100 depending on size. Delivery and set-up cost about $35 an hour. Contact them for an exact quote. New Leaf Organics won the Couples Choice Award in 2017 (click on Flowers tab) from WeddingWire, where they were given a near perfect score of 4.9 out of 5 points.

Blue House Farm

Blue House Farm in Pescadero, California is certified organic by CCOF. The 40-acre farm that started in 2005 produces flowers, vegetables, and fruits, and is a CSA entity. Two acres are devoted only to flowers, such as dahlias, sunflowers, delphiniums, and foliage. The farm supplies only flowers from its farm, so the arrangements vary with season. Flower deliveries are made only from mid-May to mid-October. They claim their flowers are picked less than 21 hours prior to delivery.

Products for delivery include:

  • A single flower arrangement that costs $14.
  • Seasonal subscriptions for weekly or biweekly deliveries for $10 per bouquet. This subscription is part of the CSA program and delivered with the farm box, for which there is an extra cost of $7 for home delivery.

Bouquets are also available at six weekly Bay Area farmers markets, Good Eggs, and at Bi-rite Markets.

Floral services for wedding and other events are also available. They include a choice between buying bulk buckets for do-it-yourself (DIY) arrangements or choosing flowers to be made into arrangements by the farm staff. For costs and other conditions for wholesale and custom sales contact the Flower Manager through phone or email.

Little River Flower Farm

Little River Flower Farm Bouquet
Little River Flower Farm Bouquet

The Little River Flower Farm is a 110-acre farm with four greenhouses in Buxton, Maine. Its owners restored a 1815 farmhouse which now produces over 7,000 cut flowers, PYO blueberries, and vegetables. The farm is certified by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and sells shares through their winter vegetable CSA. They also supply food and flowers to chains such as Whole Foods and Rosemont Markets and make deliveries from South Portland to Falmouth.

The farm grows well over 125 floral varieties with a mix of perennial and annuals from old favorites like love lies bleeding, bells of Ireland, bachelor buttons to lisianthus and dinner plate dahlias.

You can join their summer floral CSA program and receive a weekly bouquet for 10 weeks. You can order floral arrangements via email or phone for offices, homes, conferences, and special occasions like birthdays or as a thank-you.

Additional services include wedding services, where the bride has three options: PYO (pick your own) cut flowers (or they pick them for you), combination of PYO with Little River doing some of the floral design work, or Little River can do all the design work. They deliver right to the wedding venue. The farm also sells flowers and foliage wholesale. Contact them for more details.

The Little River Flower Farm has received good reviews of 4.8 points of 5 for their entire range of products and services at WeddingWire.

Find Florists Nearby

Of all the organics, flowers are best bought locally to get fresh blooms that will last. Find local producers who can provide organic and eco-friendly flowers through Local Harvest and enjoy seasonal bests.

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Organic Flower Delivery Options