Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear Interview

Blake Brody
Blake Brody

Recently LoveToKnow had the opportunity to speak with Blake Brody about her uniquely designed, eco friendly studio footwear.

Blake's Background in Organics

LovetoKnow: What got you interested in the organic lifestyle?

Blake Brody: I have always been thoughtful about what I eat and tried to live as clean and natural a lifestyle as possible. I have been a vegetarian for years and always eat food that are not processed and are seasonal. Living this way feels good and makes me look healthy and stay fit.

LTK: How did that translate into eco friendly footwear? What made you decide to design studio shoes?

BB: I only wanted to use vegan materials for In-Studio Footwear, not only for personal reasons, but also because the wearers of my product (women who practice studio activities) tend to have a more healthy and natural way of living.

I decided to create shoes to be worn specifically for use during studio activities when I fell off of a Reformer during a Pilates class because my feet were sweating. After searching for an alternative to bare feet, I could not find any footwear that stayed in place during my practice and at the same time maintained the feeling of being barefoot. I also wanted to create a shoe that would protect me from germs or bacteria in the studio since hygiene in gyms is always an issue.

Finally, I wanted to include arch support in the shoe, which would help to prevent cramping when using studio equipment (like a yoga strap or Magic Circle). In-Studio Footwear offers all of these benefits to the wearer.

About Blake Brody Footwear

blake brody footwear

LTK: Your studio shoes are beautiful and unique. Where do you get the ideas and inspiration for their designs?

BB: I was inspired by women whom I know and see in the studio. These women work so hard to make themselves look and feel good, and I wanted to create feminine designs that would appeal to them, as well as fill a demand for a product that was not available.

LTK: Where are the shoes made?

BB: The shoes are manufactured in China.

LTK: What are the shoes made of?

BB: The shoes are made from a variety of materials.

  • Microsuede (100% polyester)-recycled from scrap polyester film through a process that actually eliminates many substances found in Microfiber.
  • Most of the styles are made largely of either organic fabrics or high tech synthetics created from recycled and regenerated materials.
  • Unlike most footwear, the shoes are predominantly stitched, using only trace amounts of adhesive when necessary (for example, to adhere Swarovski crystals)
  • The arch supports are crafted from regenerated Poron, a renewable and "greener" product.
  • The box is made of recycled materials and is recyclable itself.

LTK: Where can people purchase your products?

BB: The shoes can only be purchased through the boutique on my website, Blake Brody.

LTK: Do the shoes need any special care?

BB: The shoes do not need to be washed! The liner was naturally treated to be bacteriostatic, making it non-marking and anti-odor. All you have to do is wipe of the "traction pads" with a damp cloth and you are ready to go!

The Future of the Company

blake brody footwear

LTK: What is next for your company? Will you add more styles and types of organic shoes?

BB: We are introducing new styles for our Fall 2011 line and adding even more structural enhancement to the shoes. Also, we are adding more sizes to the line due to popular request!

LTK: Have you considered designing studio wear and other yoga clothing?

BB: At this point, I am concentrating only on In-Studio Footwear, since there is nothing else like it - these are shoes that everyone needs to add to their closet! I just want to continue to make the product better and better.

LTK: Where do you see your company in five or ten years?

BB: I love what I am doing right now, and I hope to be as happy and busy as I am now.

LovetoKnow would like to thank Blake Brody for taking the time to chat about shoes. If you are involved in yoga and Pilates, then you will want to take a look at the variety of styles of studio shoes on her website.

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