Organic Food Franchise Opportunities

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Opportunities to join organic food franchises are still rare. This is a new trend that has just started a few years ago. The franchises restrict themselves to providing a small range of products, which is helping them to succeed and spread.

Nic's Certified Organic Drive-Thru

Nic's Organic Fast Food is the first 100 percent organic drive-through in the USA. They are certified organic by USDA and Quality Assurance International (QAI).

They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and promise to offer the usual fast food favorites without the chemicals, a move which has been welcomed by rave reviews and happy customers. They offer four different burgers, two type of chicken sandwiches, three breakfast sandwich choices, salads, and vegetarian options like an organic veggie burger. In addition, gluten-free chicken nuggets, fries and NicTots, junior meals, ice-cream, soda-floats, fruit juice, tea, coffee, and iced lattes cater to varying demands.


  • They have a good range of products, which has delighted the customers. Including gluten-free products increases their reach to a wide clientele.
  • The price of food is competitive as it is only 10 percent more than that of conventional fast food.


  • This is a new franchise and they have only one outlet so far. They plan to start at new locations soon.

They opened the first outlet in 2017 in Chicago's suburbs, Rolling Meadows, and plan to expand nationwide to 50 places in the US by establishing a chain and through franchisees within the next five years. Contact them for further details by email.

Clean Juice

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Clean Juice was started by a wife and husband team in 2015 and could be your chance at a slice of the multi-billion dollar juice business. Clean Juice uses fruits and vegetables certified organic by USDA and CCOF, to avoid chemicals in the popular ingredients used in drinks. This is the first all-organic and USDA-certified juice bar in the USA.

Clean Juice's menu has 20 healthy juices, smoothies, protein smoothies, cold-pressed shots and bottles, eight acai and granola bowls, and two bites. The drinks they offer are made from three to five servings of different fruits, are packed with energy, and contain no added sugar. They claim the cleanses, when taken for a period of one to five days, can have several health benefits.


  • Clean Juice is extremely popular and has been covered by national media like NBC for the range of drinks served in their spacious outlets, as well as in bottles and take-outs.
  • The franchise has stores across the country in around eight states and plans to expand into more.


  • Single-use plastic containers, cutlery, and straws are used not only for the take-outs but also for serving drinks in their outlets. As a franchise, this model is going to consume a lot of plastics. It can work on being more sustainable and eco-friendly, which can increase the franchise's popularity among organic customers.

Clean Juice has awarded over 90 franchises in just two years since they began and are open to expanding their business further with new franchisees. Fill out their contact form to get more information and details on owning your own Clean Juice franchise. They are looking to partner with people who are passionate about an organic and healthy lifestyle.

Locali Conscious Convenience Stores

Locali Conscious Convenience Store is an eco-friendly convenience store and deli that started in 2009. They carry products that are organic, locally grown or locally made, support fair trade, and are healthier versions of what is usually available in conventional convenience stores.

The delis offer a menu of healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their services include dine-in, carry-out, and catering. Their Los Angeles stores have earned them an impressive reputation, judging from the numerous positive reviews in print and visual media.


  • The store takes a holistic approach and seeks to stay eco-friendly and sustainable in all aspects. Locali minimizes waste by recycling and composting and uses bio-degradable containers. Its buildings are certified as green by LEED.
  • According to Tree-Hugger, they have organic and bio-dynamic certified wines, beers, sake, and coffee.


  • Only a portion of their deli's menu is completely organic. Others have some or no organic ingredients.
  • The store and deli are not certified organic, even though many of the ingredients and products they carry are certified organic.

Locali Health Convenience Stores are franchising across the USA to expand their brand and are looking for franchisees. Franchisees need to have $500,000 in liquid capital, have prior experience of owning at least one store or be a qualified investor, and should be ready to start operating their territory within a year. In exchange, Locali provides training and exclusive territory rights.

Organics Can Expect a Secure Future

Organic food businesses usually stay small and local to keep costs low. The start of franchising in organic food is an exciting new development and shows that consumption of organic food is now part of the new normal. Not only is demand for organic widespread, but the supply of certified organic food is also more stable, making the development of franchises more easily attained.

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Organic Food Franchise Opportunities