Wholesale Organic Foods

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Wholesale organic foods can save you money on your grocery bill. Similar to the big, conventional wholesale stores like Sam's and Costco, organic wholesalers sell organic foods in bulk for discounted prices.

About Wholesale Organic Foods

There are thousands of brands of organic foods available today. Most of these foods are purchased in quantity by a store from wholesale companies. They then sell the items in smaller quantities for a higher price to consumers.

Such price reductions are not always available to individuals because the volume that must be purchased from the wholesaler is often too high. The options are to either find a bulk warehouse type store that sells organic items or join a co-op so that you can order a large number of items with friends and split the cost..

By purchasing the same foods in bulk quantities directly from the wholesaler, consumers can save substantial amounts on the foods they eat every day.

Where to Buy Wholesale Organic Food

The Internet makes it easier than ever to find wholesale organic foods, no matter what kind of food you are interested in. You can find everything from beef to carob chips.

Organic Wholesale Club

The Organic Wholesale Club is run like an online Sam's Club. You can choose from a variety of organic products, ranging from groceries to cleaning supplies. By buying them in a larger quantity than you normally would, you save money. Although the club is free to join, you can opt to join the Platinum Club for a yearly fee and save an extra 10%. You will be charged for shipping, so be aware of that extra expense when you plan your order.

Bulk Foods

Bulk Foods is not primarily an organic wholesaler, but they do have some organic foods in bulk at wholesale prices.

Morningside Buying Club

Morningside Buying Club is an outfit in Tennessee that provides local delivery of natural and organic foods. In general, they deliver within a 75 mile radius. They also have a catalog for people who live farther away.

Buying Clubs and Co-ops

Many areas have organic food co-ops and buying clubs. These co-ops are formed by several families that pool their resources and buy food in bulk from organic distributors. You can find a co-op near you by checking a co-op directory or by asking at your health or natural food store.

Generally, the orders are taken once every couple of weeks and delivered to a central location, often a church or a school. Members meet there to pay for their items and take them home. The clubs are usually run by a team of volunteers and some clubs require that you volunteer a certain amount of time to be part of the group.

Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

When you use wholesalers and buying clubs to purchase your organic food, your initial outlay may be a bit expensive. However, you should keep in mind that you are usually buying several weeks worth of products. You will save time by not having to run to the store as often and the money you save will be apparent over a period of time if you keep track of your spending. Organic food can stretch the budget, but buying at wholesale cost gives you healthy foods at a deep discount.

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Wholesale Organic Foods