Wholesale Organic Bulk Herbs

Wholesale Bulk Organic Herbs

Buying wholesale organic bulk herbs is useful for shops that want to sell organic herbs, but it can also be helpful for individual consumers who need a large amount of a particular herb at a good price.

Places to Buy Wholesale Organic Bulk Herbs

Great Spice Company

The Great Spice Company is a leading wholesaler of organic herbs and spices. They sell many common herbs, from basil to oregano, in 16- to 50-pound bags or boxes. Some spices are available in even larger quantities. For example, you can buy 110 pounds of whole allspice, nutmeg or black peppercorns.

The company is based in California and requires a minimum purchase of $50. Products can also be broken down into 10-pound boxes for an additional fee. To get started buying from Great Spice Company, you can call or e-mail them for more information.

Starwest Botanicals

In business since 1975, Starwest Botanicals works with certified organic farmers around the world to bring customers the best organic herbs. The company uses recycled paper and packing materials when possible and has no membership fees or minimum order requirements. However, you can get free shipping if you order a certain amount.

The company not only sells organic herbs such as chamomile, Echinacea and lemongrass, but it also offers essential oils, organic tea, items for natural body care and empty capsules for formulating your own herbal remedies.

Many products can be purchased in bulk quantities large and small (as little as one ounce), making this a great shop for people buying for themselves as well as wholesalers.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Another great website that sells in quantities large and small is Mountain Rose Herbs. This site offers cumulative discounts based on how much weight of product you buy, starting with a 10 percent discount on orders of five to nine pounds up to 40 percent off orders of more than 100 pounds.

The company offers wholesale organic bulk herbs in one-pound packages and has a very wide range of products, from balm of Gilead buds to Cajun seasoning, ginger root to kudzu.

In addition to being certified organic, some of their products are also certified wildharvested. This means that they are taken from their natural habitat rather than being farm-raised, or cultivated without chemicals, a designation used for farmers that have not been officially certified organic but who follow the organic farming rules in terms of growing their products without pesticides.

Supplying a Bulk Herb Business

If you are planning to sell bulk organic herbs, whether as part of your business as a co-op or grocery store or for use in products such as handcrafted herbal remedies, soaps and body care items, potpourri or even natural supplements, freshness is always going to be the key for you. Buying in bulk saves money, but not if your product goes off or loses its potency before you get a chance to resell it.

When you first start thinking about buying or reselling bulk herbs, try to gauge the interest in your products or in the herbs themselves in your current customer base before you place a huge order. You'd actually be better off buying a small amount and running out quickly than placing a huge order only to have your products sit on the shelves.

More and more customers are coming to appreciate having the ability to buy organic herbs in bulk, both because of the lack of harm they do to the planet and the savings that can be realized buying herbs without expensive packaging.

Whether you are providing customers with herbs in bulk or organic herbs used in other products, it pays to be open about where you're getting your product, who has certified it and any other information you know about where it came from. Some consumers are really particular about not wanting to buy anything from China or only buying Fair Trade products when possible. The more you can educate your customers on where your products came from, the better off you will be.

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Wholesale Organic Bulk Herbs