Short Sleeved Organic Cotton Nightshirt


One way to enjoy a natural and refreshing night's sleep is in a short sleeved organic cotton nightshirt. Don't let the simple lines and unpretentious fabric fool you. These nighties have a lot going for them.

Short Sleeved Organic Cotton Nightshirt Facts

Nightwear is intimate in more ways than one. Sleepwear comes into close contact with your body for long periods. Only undergarments have a more intimate association with your largest organ . . . your skin, but unlike many undergarments, nightwear touches large areas of skin when you're stretched out asleep. The weight of your body promotes consistent contact with the fabric, too, making it doubly important for you to invest in quality sleepwear that's safe and gentle. Cotton is a natural choice. It's worked for generations of fashion and price conscious women looking for the best that nature has to offer.

Advantages of Cotton Sleepwear

  • Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes with you. If you suffer from night sweats, cotton will help your body's thermostat reestablish itself. If you tend to sleep in one position for long periods and become overheated, cotton will keep you cooler and dryer, making you less inclined to be stiff and achy in the morning.
  • Cotton wicks moisture away from your body, helping to create a humidity controlled environment along the surface of your skin. This means less sweating and that uncomfortable clammy feeling that comes along with it.
  • Strong when wet, cotton will stand up to many washings and still look great. You'll probably get tired of your garment long before you wear it out.
  • Cotton is naturally lightweight and soft to the touch. Depending on the weave, cotton can feel like almost nothing next to the skin but still display only a modest, opaque silhouette.
  • Holding dye well, cotton prints will stay vibrant and whites will bleach beautifully with minimal care.

Advantages of Organic Cotton

  • Grown without pesticides or insecticides, organic cotton has all the advantages of conventional cotton fiber, but it's also hypoallergenic.
  • When you buy organic cotton, you're making a real contribution to the environment. An estimated 35 percent of the pesticides used around the world are applied to cotton crops. When you support organic production methods, you help to rehabilitate agricultural lands and protect surrounding ecosystems.
  • The presence of trace chemicals in conventional cotton fabric can cause skin irritations and even more serious allergic reactions. Using an organic cotton product will help to protect your tender skin and give you a more restful night's sleep.
  • Short sleeved organic cotton nightshirts make excellent nightwear. They encourage air flow around your body, which keeps you comfortably warm or cool, and still offer enough coverage to keep your neck and shoulders protected from drafts.

These don't have to be your granny's short sleeved organic cotton nightshirts either. With many styles to choose from, you can opt for lace and ribbon or go with snaps and a serviceable plaid. Whatever you decide, choosing organic cotton will help you rest easier.

Cotton Nightshirt - Online Resources

Want to learn more? Check out these online resources for organic cotton nightwear and other garments. Organic cotton really does feel especially soft and welcoming. When you're wearing it next to your skin, you deserve the best.

Short Sleeved Organic Cotton Nightshirt