Real Organic Licorice Candy

Organic snacks and treats can be delicious.
Organic snacks and treats can be delicious.

Finding real organic licorice candy may actually be a little harder than you might think. Look for licorice that is 100% certified organic and is not chemically altered to remove certain ingredients from the licorice.

Forms of Licorice

Licorice candy can be a tasty treat, but licorice is also used in medicinal form. Licorice is purported to be a natural remedy for a variety of ailments including coughs and as a stress reduction method. Organic versions of both type of licorice are available from a variety of sources. Organic licorice tea is also available in some areas.

Real organic licorice candy is generally offered in a few different ways:

  • Wrapped Licorice Bars
  • Licorice Rope
  • Licorice Bites

Although organic licorice is gaining popularity within the United States, a good portion of the organic licorice available is imported from China and Europe. Although these countries have different organic standards and requirements, to be labeled as organic within the United States these products must adhere to USDA organic standards regardless of the country of origin.


Some manufacturers add flavoring to the organic licorice candy they sell, but they must take care to ensure the flavoring is organic and the process of adding the flavor to the candy does not disqualify the product from an organic certification.

Most organic licorice has the black licorice flavor, but there are a few companies that add flavoring to the candy in the form of citrus flavoring or other flavors that are suitable for people who do not like the black licorice taste or who want to try something a little different.

Buy Real Organic Licorice Candy

You may be able to find organic licorice candy at your local grocery store. If you cannot find this product in the candy aisle, search the section of the store that features natural and organic products. Some stores keep these products separate from the other items in the store. If your local grocer does not generally stock natural and organic products you may have to visit a store that specializes in these types of foods.

Another great source for finding organic licorice is by shopping online. There are plenty of merchants online who offer this type of candy. Be cautious, however, when purchasing organic food products online. You want to make sure the product is from a trusted source and is certified organic. Simply put, you do not want to purchase and consume a product that you obtain from an unknown source. It may turn out to not be organic after all, or worse yet, might actually be harmful to you.

Sites Selling Organic Licorice

Here is a brief list of some of the sites online that sell organic licorice candy:

  • Phyto Plus sells licorice that has earned the USDA 100% organic certification seal. This product is produced in Italy.
  • routinely offers a variety of organic candy products. The availability of this type of candy will vary depending on the sellers, but generally include brands like Let's Do Organic and Candy Tree.
  • The Natural Candy Store sells organic licorice in addition to many other types of organic and natural candies.
  • Sun Organic Farm sells organic licorice as well as a long roster of organic foods and beverages.

Although shopping online often translates into additional shipping and handling charges, many online sites price their products quite reasonably and offer discounts for multiple purchases. If you are a huge fan of organic licorice, find an online supplier that offers reasonable prices and excellent licorice.

Real Organic Licorice Candy