Organic Wool Women's Coats

Wool comes from sheep

Organic wool women's coats are a great way to show off your high style, while leaving behind a softer ecological footprint.

Organic Wool

For wool to be deemed organic, it must be produced in strict adherence of federal guidelines for organic livestock production. There are actually a number of rules that must be followed, but put simply, organic wool is that which is sheered from humanely-raised animals, such as sheep or even llamas, and has not been exposed to any kind of chemicals like pesticides.

Organic Wool Women's Coats

Wool is a very popular material for women's winter coats because of its durability and warmth. It also doesn't absorb moisture very easily, which makes it the perfect coat in cold and wet fall and winter weather. Today, there are countless varieties of stylish wool coats on the market. Organic wool and wool blends come in many different colors and textures. Wool-hemp blends are also very popular in this market.

Facts About Organic Wool

Here are a few quick facts to know before you start your search for the perfect organic coat.

  • Organic wool often costs more. Because the higher costs associated with the management and manufacturing processes at organic wool farms, organic farmers usually receive more for their wholesale wool than non-organic farmers. This higher price works its way through the line and ends up with the end customer: you.
  • Organic products are somewhat harder to find than traditional ones. There are only a handful of organic wool producers in the United States. Therefore, because the organic industry is smaller than mainstream, it can be a little more difficult to find organic products, especially 100 percent organic. The Internet, however, makes this task much easier.
  • Federal guidelines strictly manage how organic farmers treat their animals. This can somewhat limit their production in comparison to traditional wool producers, upping the price per unit for organics.
  • Because 100 percent organic wool coats are pesticide-free, you get a safer, more ecologically friendly product. Many of the pesticides used to treat animals on non-organic farms are toxic to humans. These pesticides have also been known to cause ground water pollution.
  • Drugs used to promote growth in sheep can additionally compromise ground water. Some evidence suggests this can lead to antibiotic resistance in humans.

Where To Buy

There are a variety of retailers who are jumping on the organic clothing bandwagon. These products are often safer and gentler for consumers to use, which has cause the organics industry to thrive. Here are a few retailers that sell organic wool women's coats.

  • Indigenous offers a very fashionable boiled wool coat in in silver gray.
  • Fashion-Conscience is a place where you can shop with a conscience. This fashionable military-style organic wool coat by Wildlifeworks is an interesting take on the traditional wool coat.
  • Little Spruce Organics offers a simple wool jacket that comes in four colors.

Other Organic Items

Many of these companies also sell a variety of organic clothing and home products. There are many ways to be green today, and thanks to the Internet, these options are more affordable than ever before.

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Organic Wool Women's Coats