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Organic Whey Coconut Bars

Choose organic foods for health.
Choose organic foods for health.

Organic whey coconut bars can be a great choice for someone looking for a quick and easy snack that is also healthy. You may have trouble finding these specific ingredients in a bar that is 100% organic, so read labels carefully before making your purchase.

Organic versus Wholesome or Natural

Most bars are advertised as healthy choices for snacking or as quick meal replacements, but it is important to keep in mind that the only way you will find truly organic bars is if you look for labeling that certifies the bar as organic.

Just because a whey coconut bar states on the wrapper that it is "natural" or "wholesome" it does not necessarily mean that the bar is 100% organic, or even that it contains any organic ingredients at all. In fact, most food products that contain any organic ingredients will proudly proclaim this on the label. When looking for bars that are comprised of specific ingredients that are additionally organic, reading labels and ingredient listings becomes very important.

The Benefits of Organic Whey

Organic whey can be a great source for protein, which is important when trying to build muscle. Claims have also been made that whey protein can strengthen the body's immune system and speed up recovery from certain illnesses. Organic whey is available in pill form and as a supplement, but is also a common ingredient added to bars and other snacks.

The combination of whey and coconut into organic whey coconut bars makes for a delicious snack that can also be quite beneficial to the body. Choosing organic will also ensure that you are not exposed to the harsh chemicals that are commonly used when treating coconuts prior to being shipped to stores. Organic produce is not allowed to be exposed to these types of potentially toxic chemicals.

Find Organic Whey Coconut Bars

You may be able to find these types of bars in a local store. Look for these bars in a variety of places:

  • A grocery store, in the natural/organic section or in the fitness food section.
  • At a fitness store, if food products and supplements are offered at the store.
  • At a grocer that specializes in natural and organic foods.

If no stores near you offer the exact type of organic bar you are looking for, consider requesting the product special order through your favorite grocery store or instead take your search for the bars to the Internet.

Buying Online

Many organic merchants offer products online. Oftentimes you can find products at a lower cost online than you will find in stores, so perusing the Internet for bars can yield the results you are looking for at a reduced cost, delivered right to your home.

Check with your favorite online merchant offering organic food products, or conduct an Internet search for bars. You may also want to have a look at some of these offerings that are available online:

  • Honey Stinger Protein Bars: The dark chocolate coconut almond bars feature whey protein. These bars are not 100% organic, but do contain some organic ingredients.
  • Joyride Bars: These coconut and whey bars are popular among bodybuilders and people trying to maintain or lose weight. Not all joyride bars are organic, so be sure you purchase the organic variety.

When searching online you will find that not every vendor makes the ingredients listing completely accessible, nor do they specify whether the ingredients are all organic. If you cannot find the ingredients listing, yet want to make sure that you do not wind up in non-organic ingredients, contact the seller directly and request the ingredients listing.

Organic Whey Coconut Bars