Organic Soup Mix

Organic soups are available in many flavors.

Organic soup mix is a great time saver. Many of the mixes come with dehydrated or freeze-dried vegetables that once reconstituted taste fresh and create a healthy bowl of soup.

Organic Soup Mix

When you purchase organic mixes, you know there won't be any MSG or preservatives in your soups. Many of the soups available are also gluten free. If you're concerned about GMO (Genetically Modified) foods, then buying organic guarantees you can be certain your food is not GMO.

You have quite a few choices that weren't available a few years ago. Thanks to improvements in dehydration and freeze-dried methods and technology, your family and guests won't be able to tell the difference between fresh vegetable soup and your mix.

Many companies have signature mixes that have specific blends of spices and herbs. You can buy gourmet soups and simple soups such as chicken noodle or tomato. Soup mixes also are available in single serving sizes which make it easy to please everyone in your family at mealtime. If you're on a low fat diet or just wanting to eliminate unnecessary fat in your diet, you can do so with a low fat mix for your soup.

Some Popular Mixes:

  • Chicken Soup Mix
  • Classic Vegetable
  • Pasta Vegetable
  • Chili
  • Mixed Bean
  • Italian
  • Southwestern
  • Broccoli Cheddar Cheese
  • Chowders
  • Potato
  • Black Bean
  • Wild Rice
  • Noodles

Just Add Meat Or Vegetable Protein

Many soup mixes are prepared so you can add your choice of meat, poultry or soy protein to create a full-bodied soup. You can find many recipes for seasoning meats, poultry or tofu when cooking to help add greater taste to your soups.If you plan to add hamburger or tofu to your soup mix, you can brown it in a skillet with a packet of taco seasoning. Add it to your vegetable or tomato soup for an exciting taste. You can do the same thing with Italian, Greek or Cajun seasonings as long as they are certified organic.

Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Vegetable Soups

Dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables in a mix taste fresh once fully reconstituted. This makes your choices in soup mixes nearly unlimited. Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods have a higher nutritional value than other processed foods because the processes lock in the nutrients. Additives and preservatives are unnecessary, especially for those that are vacuum sealed. This kind of food has an extended shelf life of seven to ten years. Some companies claim a 25-year shelf-life. This kind of storage life makes purchasing dehydrated or freeze-dried mixes a sound food investment for long-term storage considerations. You can store food and have the confidence that you are prepared for emergencies.

Buy mixes with dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables for great soups.

Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Vegetable Soups:

Starter Soups

These mixes provide you with a base soup, typically a seasoned broth created by adding either water or milk depending on the kind of soup you intend to make. You will need to add your vegetables and if you wish to have meat in your soup, you'll cut cooked poultry or meat into small cubes and add only after the vegetables have fully cooked. You may choose to add cooked vegetables. Starter soups are a great way to create vegetable soup made with leftovers.Another way to create a delicious soup using a starter is to add another mix. For example if you have an organic mix for vegetable burgers, you could mix it with a starter soup to create a great soup flavor. Ethnic starter soups can also be added to recipes for baked goods and casseroles.

Bulk Buying

You may want to purchase your dry mixes in bulk in order to take advantage of great savings. Most bulk mix products come in resealable bags or in large bins that you use to fill bags with as much as you want. You can transfer your mix to an airtight container for storage. Buying in bulk helps you cut down on your carbon footprint since it means fewer trips to the grocery store. Because the content of bulk food is concentrated, you have more food for the same amount of storage space you would use for regular canned foods.

Using Soup Mixes In Recipes

Quite a few dips are made from soup mixes. By adding an onion soup mix to sour cream you can have a nice onion dip. Other recipes often call for a soup mix to be added for the seasoning. The concentrate mix gives the recipe a potent flavoring.

Finding Soup Mixes

You can buy organic mixes for soups at about any organic food store, food co-ops or organic section in a traditional grocery store. There are also online stores where you can purchase products.

Helpful Links For Online Purchases:

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

You should first check your local organic food stores in an effort to help reduce your carbon footprint. If none is available then the cost of the mix will be more if you must order online due to the shipping charges. With a little research you can find a local or nearby source for an organic soup mix that won't require long distance shipping..

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