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Looking for the perfect organic silk dress, but not sure where to start? There are many different things to consider when purchasing organic silk, including price, quality and overall design.

Why Choose An Organic Silk Dress Over Traditional Silk?

What are some of the advantages of purchasing organic silk? There is nothing quite as luxurious as the feel of silk against your skin. However, traditional methods of harvesting silk have included boiling silkworms before they can emerge from their cocoons and "damage" the product. For those who love nature and are against such harsh treatment of the silk weaving caterpillars, luckily, there are other options.

Some organic silk methods seek to preserve the life of the silkworm. There are various methods for this, including waiting until the moth emerges from his cocoon and recovering what silk is left. There are different types of silkworms as well.

How Can you Know If the Silk Is Organic?

One way to tell if a silk is organic is to seek out silk that uses wild silkworms as opposed to the Bombyx mori, which are the worms that are commercially cultivated and destroyed before they can emerge from the cocoon. The silk cultivated from wild silkworms is known as Peace Silk, which is a cruelty free silk. Another option for organic silk offers traditional silk growing methods, but the silkworms are fed mulberry leaves that are organic and only organic dyes are used in the production process.

There are a couple of differences in commercial silk and wild silk. First, the wild silk will not accept colors as easily, especially dark colors. The texture is also just a bit different.

Types of Silk Dresses

There are many different occasions for wearing a silk dress and just as many reasons for choosing organic silk.

Wedding Dresses

Organic silk wedding dresses are increasing in popularity almost as much as organic cotton wedding dresses. Although the initial cost can be great, the resulting gown is absolutely beautiful. The raw color of much organic silk is a creamy white color. This may make it unnecessary to dye the fabric. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to be certain the gown you are purchasing is actually made of organic silk. There are a few retailers that offer organic silk gowns:

Your local bridal boutique may offer a nice selection of silks as well. Be certain to ask questions about where the silk is harvested and the process. If the boutique owner does not know, ask him or her to get that information for you before making your purchase.

Special Occasion Dresses

There are many different occasions that call for a dress that is extra special. High school reunions, weddings and award ceremonies are just a few. Fortunately, silk always seems to be in style and an organic silk dress can lend that special touch that makes you feel like the belle of the ball. There are many options for choosing the perfect special occasion dress in an organic silk.

Make Your Own Silk Dress

Speaking of designing your own organic dress, this can be an excellent option if you love the look and idea of organic silk but can't quite find the right design or the design you like in your size. Fabric stores are filled with patterns for dresses. Be certain to choose a pattern that works well with silk fabric. Recommendations should be printed clearly on the outside of the package in regards to suggested fabric types.

Once you have the pattern you'd like, you'll want to find some organic silk fabric. Your local fabric supply store may be filled with silk, but be in short supply of organic silk, which can be a bit harder to come by. Companies like Aurora Silk and can be an excellent resource for the type of organic silk you'd like.

Whether you decide to purchase a ready made organic silk dress or create one of your own, you'll love the feel of the soft material against your skin.

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Organic Silk Dress