Organic Seeds for Southern Climates

Find organic seeds to grow in the South.

If you're looking for organic seeds for southern climates, you're in luck. Lots of produce varieties grow well in the south, so the trick is to find a reputable vendor from whom you can buy your organic seeds.

Choosing Organic Seeds for Southern Climates

Southern gardens can be very hardy due to the warmer climate, and doing a little research on what to plant and when will make your garden that much stronger. Here are a few organic fruit and vegetable varieties for you to choose from.

  • Tomatoes - Tomatoes love southern climates and will produce a great deal of fruit if taken care of properly. The Mortgage Lifter is a great kind to grow, yielding large fruit that are resistant to disease. Start indoor about a month before the frost breaks, and transplant outside when starts are at about two inches. While they're young, mulch with straw to keep moisture in.
  • Summer squash - squash are a lot of fun to grow, and in the warm south they will bear a quite a bit of fruit. Zucchini and yellow squash do particularly well if you plant them soon after the ground has warmed up and use organic compost or manure to fertilize them.
  • Cucumbers - These bright green vegetables do great in the heat. Sow them in the ground once the weather has warmed up and make sure to keep them well hydrated in the beginning. For an interesting effect, you can grow cucumbers in a trellis to save ground space.
  • Radishes - Who doesn't love picking bright red radishes out of their garden? Radishes can be sown repeatedly throughout the summer, yielding a good-sized summer crop all season long. Try the Cherry Belle variety, which has great color and texture.
  • Beans - Pole beans are always a great addition to your garden and do well as long as they're given something to climb (hence the name). Try Kentucky Wonders for winning pods that will reach over 8-inches long.
  • Peanuts - Have you ever grown peanuts? They do quite well in southern climates. Plant them not long after the last frost so that they'll have time to establish themselves before the heat sets in, and then harvest in late October before the first frost of winter. Carwile's Virginia Peanut does well in clay soils, where most peanuts tend to fail.
  • Watermelon - What's more southern than watermelon? These sweet summer melons like to be planted in cool soil, but will grow quickly as the weather warms up. Crimson Sweets Watermelons is disease resistant and is known for doing well in the south-eastern part of the United States.

Where to Buy Organic Seeds?


Now that you know what to grow, where can you buy organic seeds for southern climates? Your local nursery or hardware store will stock the best selection of seeds that are appropriate for your hardiness zone, or else you can shop online for a great selection of seeds and starts.

  • Seeds for the South is based in Georgia and caters to the southern gardener. You'll find a large selection of herbs and vegetables here, along with helpful advice on how to make your garden do well in southern weather.
  • Seeds Trust carries many warm-weather plants and includes a site for high altitude planting.
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds is a family-owned gardening store. Based out of Virginia, they know all about maintaining a garden in southern climates.
  • Green People offers a list of seed providers, organized by state. Look for your state on their list to find a seller who can provide a selection of fruits and vegetables that will do well in your area.
  • Growing Taste also has a great directory of seed sellers, including many that are in the southern states.
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Organic Seeds for Southern Climates