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Organic Powdered Milk

Glass of organic powdered milk

Organic powdered milk is the perfect option to take camping, have while traveling, or just whenever you'd like to enjoy a creamy beverage.

A Longtime Convenience

Powdered milk has been available for centuries. History notes that the Mongols pioneered a milk drying process in the mid-1200s. They boiled milk with millet grain or rice, a little at a time until thickened, and then spread the mixture out in the sun to dry.

Even though the modern age touts pasteurization as a major milestone in milk production, the convenience of powdered milk proves to be an equally valuable contribution.

Organic powdered milk is sold in many forms, including:

  • Multi-pound bags
  • Ounce boxes and cans
  • Individual packages

In addition to being a handy travel food, powdered milk is an inexpensive staple to have in the pantry. Use it to make gravy, sauces, desserts, or in any other food that may benefit from extra body, instead of being watered down by excess liquid.

Useful as the product may be, it's best not to completely substitute the powdered variety for fresh milk. On the one hand, adding dried milk to other foods such as oatmeal, breakfast cereal, and breads will boost the vitamins, mineral, and protein in the meal.

However, the typical heating process used to make this form of milk may also reduce the content of lysine, an important amino acid that constitutes a complete milk protein. Knowing this is particularly helpful if you are modifying an infant's diet or if you are a vegetarian evaluating your protein sources.

How It's Made

The basic process of drying milk is simple.

  1. Fresh milk is tested for quality, and then pasteurized.
  2. The water is separated from the milk solids through evaporation.
  3. The condensed product is sprayed through a low-heat system.
  4. The sprayed mist dries to a powder.

Resources for Organic Powdered Milk

Most outlets carrying fresh organic milk will stock various dried options as well. Look for organic powdered milk in the bakery or baby food aisles of your local grocery, or order online. Here are some popular brands.

  • Frontier Natural Products Co-op creates a nonfat milk and buttermilk powder. The site is rich with other hard-to-find organic foodstuffs as well, including spices, and helps you tie everything together with free recipes.
  • Meyenberg has been a leader in organic, hormone-free goat milk products for more than 20 years. For those with an intolerance to cow milk or even soy products, goat is a helpful alternative, and it tastes great. The company sells individual packages of powdered milk through its online store, but you'll have to order larger packages through other distributors or in major groceries.
  • Azure Market produces a powdered buttermilk that's great for drinking and using in baked goods.

Other Alternatives

People with allergies might also seek alternatives. Non-dairy products include powdered rice milk and a potato-based mix. If you're looking for all-natural baby formula, consider Baby's Only Organic Powder or Similac Organic Infant Formula.

Organic Powdered Milk