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Organic Olive Oil Hair Treatment Products

Annette McDermott
bottle of olive oil

Using an organic, olive oil hair treatment just might be one of the most beneficial things you'll ever do for your hair. The beneficial properties found in olive oil can help keep your scalp nourished and your hair shiny, strong, and manageable.

Organic Olive Oil Hair Treatments

There are several types of organic, olive oil hair treatment products available. There are shampoos, conditioners, and hair creams to cleanse and moisturize hair, pomades and oils to style hair, and masks to repair and nourish damaged hair.

When choosing a treatment, be sure to look for organic options for the highest quality, natural ingredients. Keep in mind that unless a product is USDA certified organic, it may contain some synthetic ingredients. All of the following products use organic olive oil in their formulations:

Avalon Organic

  • Olive and Grapeseed Shampoo: This option uses organic olive and grapeseed oils to add moisture, shine and manageability to hair. An 11 ounce bottle costs $6.82.
  • Olive and Grapeseed Conditioner: A perfect pairing with the Olive and Grapeseed Shampoo, this conditioner also adds sunflower oil for intense hydration. An 11 ounce bottle costs $10.50.

John Masters Organics

  • Hair Pomade: This formula combines olive oil with beeswax, and essential oils to create a styling cream free of petroleum products. The product is USDA certified organic and great for all hair types, even color treated hair. A two ounce jar costs $20.00

Panier des Sens en Provence

  • Organic Olive Oil Shampoo: This shampoo is gentle enough to use for daily cleansing and is formulated to add moisture to dry and damaged hair. A 6.7 ounce tube costs $17.50.
  • Olive Oil Dry Oil: This unique oil can be used to add shine to dull, lifeless hair. Simply spray the non-greasy oil directly to hair after bathing. A 4.2 ounce bottle costs $30.00.

Try Organic Olive Oil Straight From the Bottle

When it comes to using olive oil as a hair treatment, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Invest in a high quality organic olive oil and use it straight from the bottle. An olive oil hair treatment can be as simple as heating up a cup of organic olive oil and working it into your hair to help reduce and repair split ends, add moisture and shine, and reduce frizziness.

Olive oil is loaded with healthy, nourishing fats that can help dry, damaged hair. Whatever organic, olive oil hair treatment products you choose, your hair is sure to benefit.

Organic Olive Oil Hair Treatment Products