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Organic Olive Oil Options

Olive Oil

Organic olive oil has all of the health benefits of olive oil, but without the drawbacks of potential pesticides or chemicals used in production. There are several options available for organic olive oils; choose one of these to get a great-tasting oil that fits into your organic lifestyle.

Options for Organic Olive Oil

These five organic olive oils all rate highly amongst consumers and critics for their flavor, freshness and quality.

Apollo Olive Oil

Apollo is an award-winning olive oil that has been named the best U.S. organic olive oil by Biol, Italy three separate times. Apollo's oils are certified both organic and extra virgin, and are raw and completely unprocessed. They have five different organic oils:

  • Mistral: Their Mistral oil is very light and mild in flavor recommend for pairing with seafoods, mushrooms, salads and eggs.
  • Sierra: Their Sierra oil is a medium intensity olive oil recommended to be paired with tomatoes, pastas, beans and stews.
  • Coratina: Their Coratina oil is a limited edition, of which they produce only 476 bottles at a time. It has a very strong intensity good for grilling.
  • Nocellara: Their Nocellara oil is also a limited edition with only 476 bottles produced. It has a mild intensity similar to their Mistral oil.
  • Salute: Their Salute oil is a blend of different oils to produce a medium bodied oil ideal for cooking. It is available in 500 ml or two gallon purchases.

With the exception of the Salute, all of their oils are 375 ml for around $20; the Salute is about $5 for 500 ml. All of their oils can be purchased from their website.


Zoe Gourmet Foods produces a line of organic olive oils, including extra virgin olive oil, that gets high ratings from consumers for its flavor. Consumers also like the fact that the product is packaged in tins, which helps to protect the oil from light and keep it from degrading as quickly. Zoe also makes an organic olive oil packaged just for kids. While the regular EVOO is peppery with an intense flavor, the kid's version is very light tasting and designed for kid's palettes.

All of Zoe's olive oils are available in two packs. The extra virgin olive oil is sold in two packs of one liter for under $25 and 25.5 ounce tins for just over $25, while the kid's olive oil is sold in 375 ml tins for just over $15. All Zoe products can be found at Amazon.

Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature is known for producing quality organic goods at accessible prices, and their extra virgin olive oil is no exception. Consumers rate this olive oil very highly for its taste and quality, as well as for its price. Kirkland's organic olive oil can be found at most supermarkets and big box stores, as well as online. It's sold in one liter and two liter bottles. Keep in mind that the clear plastic bottles will not protect the olive oil long-term. Purchase only as much as you can use in a reasonable time frame, as olive oil does go bad. It retails for around $26 for one liter at Costco.


Bragg produces an organic extra virgin olive oil that is also kosher and made from cold-pressed Greek olives. Consumers describe their olive oil to be extremely smooth and light in flavor. Like many of Bragg's products, consumers use it not only for cooking, but also as a beauty aid in homemade hair conditioners and lotions. The products are sold in three sizes: 16 ounces for about $12, 32 ounces for around $20 and 128 ounces for just under $70. You can purchase Bragg's products from many local grocery stores, or right from their website.


Swanson Health Products makes a 100 percent cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil. Consumers rate this olive highly both for cooking and taste. It is also a popular choice for health and beauty products, as it mixes well as a carrier for other oils in hair conditioners and body lotions. It is sold only in a 16 ounce bottle and is available from Amazon for $8.99.

Add Healthy Flavor to Your Food

Organic olive oils are a flavorful way to add some healthy fats to your diet. Try any of these organic oils and add some flavor to your life.

Organic Olive Oil Options