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Make organics fun for kids.

Organic kids' sites take important information about organics and sustainable living and package it into a kid-friendly presentation. Visit these fun sites with your kids and you might learn some new things too!

Find Organic Kids' Sites

There is a wide variety of websites available online that provide information about organics to kids. Before sending your kids to a search engine to find organic kids sites, however, you may want to do some searching yourself to make sure that the information presented is congruent with what you want your kids to learn. Remember: Anyone can create a website and market it as an organic site. It is up to parents to make sure that kids aren't stumbling upon false information.

With so many organic kids' sites to choose from, which one do you allow your kids to visit? Luckily, there is no shortage of websites that have great information and are also entertaining for kids.

Earthbound Farm Organic

This popular organic farm created a website that is just for kids, presenting pertinent information in a kid-friendly format. This site is appropriate for older kids, but is not highly technical or complicated. Topics included on this site include:

  • A simple explanation of organics.
  • Information regarding bugs and how they can be beneficial to organic farmers.
  • Instructions for building a worm compost bin.
  • Free downloads, including coloring books about organic farming.

The Earthbound Farm Organic site is mostly text, so may not hold the attention of younger children for very long. Older children who are interested in learning more about organic farming will enjoy the simple explanations presented.

PBS Kids Fantastic Organic

PBS has been a trusted name in television for decades, and their Fantastic Organic site for kids is just as high-quality as you'd expect. Here you'll find loads of kid-friendly, easy to prepare recipes, a primer on reading food labels, videos on sustainibility and other topics, and a nice variety of games and activities to help younger kids learn about organic food. offers free games for kids that teach about organics as well as free printable downloads for activities and coloring sheets. There are also free storybooks available for download that tell stories about kids learning about organic farming and more.

This site also offers a long list of free organic recipes, many of which are suitable for young children to create with a parent's help. There is also a section on this website that is specifically for parents that provides information regarding teaching kids about organic food and other organic items.

Horizon Organic

This popular provider of organic items offers fun games for kids on their website. The games offered vary as they are frequently changed, but most are simple and include vivid and fun images of other kids.

Older kids can also browse through the educational information offered regarding organic farming and sustainable agriculture.

Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen is one of the most fun organic kids' sites. Kids can read about famous vegetarians, send personalized e-cards to friends and peruse the games offered through the site. The bright graphics and cute cartoons make this site visually appealing to kids.This site also offers craft ideas and can follow the true story of Molly, a horse with a prosthetic leg.

More Sites Available

There are many more organic kids' sites available online. Find the site that is best suited for your kids and then visit it together to learn more about organics.

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