Organic Kids Backpack

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An organic kids backpack may seem like a luxury expense to some people, but others feel that at item that spends so much time in close proximity to a child's body should be as free from chemicals and other toxins as possible.

Organic Explained

The materials made to produce organic kids backpacks are as natural as possible and often utilize recycled materials when available. Organic backpacks often have the feature of being lightweight and may be machine washable. These backpacks are made with sustainability in mind and are created with materials that will not expose children to harmful chemicals.

Traditionally crafted backpacks are made with a variety of materials, some of which may be considered harmful or toxic to people. In particular, children with developing bodies should be protected from exposure to toxins.

Finding Organic Kids Backpacks

It may be difficult to find organic kids backpacks in mainstream department stores, although organic items are quickly becoming more readily available. As demand has increased they can be found alongside conventionally crafted items. Check with your favorite merchant to see if organic backpacks are available for purchase; if not you may be able to request a special order for this type of backpack.

You may also check with merchants who specialize in natural and organic products. Even natural food stores may carry this type of product even though their main offering is food.


The Internet is an excellent resource to find backpacks that are either partially or completely organic. You will find a wide variety of colors and styles with a wide range of pricing. Here are some Internet merchants that offer organic backpacks:

  • Eco Zoo: This site offers organic backpacks for kids in whimsical styles, including an elephant, panda, pig and puppy. All are made from organic cotton and are free from toxic dyes.
  • Idbids: Organic cotton backpacks suitable for kids are available through this online merchant. The backpacks feature the Idbids logo and are appropriate for children ages 3 and up.

Most of these online merchants also carry a large inventory of natural and organic products, so if parents don't want to stop with organic backpacks for their kids they can also look into purchasing organic clothing, bedding, and plenty of other children's products that are free from harsh chemicals and other potential toxins.

Finding the Best Backpack

If cost is an issue, be forewarned that organic backpacks often cost substantially more than their conventionally crafted counterparts. These backpacks can cost more to produce and therefore carry a higher price tag. You may be able to find a suitable organic backpack for your child or on sale or secondhand through an online auction site.

If you want an organic backpack, read the description of the item carefully before making your purchase. Some backpacks may have some organic materials contained within the structure, but there can be other non-organic materials contained within. A backpack can only make the claim to be 100 percent organic if every single aspect of the backpack is organic.

Natural Backpacks

Natural backpacks may be PVC free, or may be crafted from hemp products. This does not necessarily make the backpacks organic, but may still carry the label of natural. Realize that there is a difference between backpacks made of organic materials and of backpacks made from natural materials.

Organic Kids Backpack