Organic Kid Underwear


When you are raising an organic kid, underwear is an important part of protecting him or her from toxins. Conventional fabrics may have a variety of chemicals in the fibers, but organic fabrics do not.

Why Should I Buy Organic Underwear?

Conventional cotton is grown with the use of chemicals, pesticides, and other toxic substances. So many of these toxins are used that there may be as many as 2,000 different chemicals in cotton fabric. These chemical residues can cause irritation as well as be absorbed into your child's skin.

Organic cottons use none of these chemicals. They are gown without pesticides or chemicals and only eco-friendly dyes are used during the manufacturing process. Often companies that care enough to use organic items also use fairly traded items. This is not always the case, however, so be sure and ask questions.

Finding Organic Kid Underwear

Organic clothing has evolved as it has grown in popularity. Buying organic underwear for your child is not as difficult as it once was and there is more of a variety in color and style. It still may be a challenge to find if you don't live near a large city, however. If you can't locate organic children's clothing locally, consider shopping on the Internet.

There are numerous stores online that specialize in organic children's clothing and underclothing. You can get items in a variety of colors and even fabrics besides cotton.


Kidbean is an Internet company that carries all kinds of organic clothing, including underwear. This company is vegan oriented and prefers that products be made in the United States. It has a strict policy for its suppliers and carries only fair trade items.The organic kid underwear is made from colorful organic cotton that has been grown in the United States. The colors are created with only low impact dyes or color grown and natural cottons.

  • Vegan
  • US made
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fair trade
  • Gift registry

Free Market Organics

Free Market Organics carries underwear in unique colors and patterns. The company seeks to provide consumers with sustainable, well made items as well as provide information to make a green lifestyle simple for anyone.

  • Certified organic cotton
  • Does not contain flame retardants
  • Toxin-free dies
  • Fair trade
  • Made in Egypt (Under the Nile Company)
  • Gift registry
  • Gift certificates

Atlantis Natural

Atlantis Natural carries a variety of different types of natural and organic clothing. Their organic underwear is available in a training pants style as well for easy transitioning from diapers to underclothes. The organic underwear is made from organic Egyptian cotton by Under the Nile.

  • Certified organic cotton
  • Variety of styles and designs
  • Gift registry


Amazon has almost anything you could imagine and then some. This online store carries organic children's underwear in several styles by several different companies. They have underwear, undershirts, socks, and Organic cotton tights.

Eden Home

Eden Home carries Under the Nile brand organic underwear for both boys and girls.

  • Organic
  • Fair trade
  • Gift registry
  • Personal shopper

Buying organic underwear for your children is one way to protect their developing systems from harsh chemicals and toxins. Raising your child to appreciate the organic lifestyle also makes it more likely that he will hold to those views as an adult.

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Organic Kid Underwear