Organic Jelly Candy

Organic gummy bears

People looking for a treat that is low in fat and fits into an organic diet plan may want to try organic jelly candy. This sweet confection comes in a variety of forms, which both children and adults can enjoy equally.

Types of Organic Jelly Candy

Organic jelly candy is a rather broad term since there are so many jelly candies on the market. Usually, the term "jelly candy" is not used to describe candy that actually has jelly in it, but rather to depict candy that is made by putting heated gel into a mold and letting it solidify into a certain shape.

Jelly Beans

The most common type of jelly candy is, of course, the jelly bean. There are many different organic jelly beans on the market. Three of the most popular brands are as follows:

  • Surf Sweets - These jelly beans come in grape, orange, lemon, grapefruit and cherry. They are completely vegetarian and USDA certified organic. They may not be appropriate for vegans, because some batches use sugar in it that is filtered using bone char.
  • SunRidge Farms - These jelly beans come in nine ounce or two ounce bags filled with beans of assorted fruit flavors. They have no preservatives or artificial flavoring. However, these beans are not vegan either since they contain beeswax.
  • Tree of Life - These beans contain organic sugar, corn syrup and white grape juice concentrate as the three key ingredients. They are USDA certified organic and are colored and flavored using natural ingredients.

Jelly Belly, possibly the most well-known jelly bean brand in the United States, has a line of natural jelly beans in limited availability. There is no mention of these beans being organic, but they have fewer chemicals in them than traditional Jelly Belly beans.

Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are considered jelly candy because they are gel-like in consistency. Often organic gummies are gelatin-free as well.

  • Let's Do Organic sells boxes of certified organic bears flavored with vegetable and fruit juices. There are three flavors available: classic, jelly and super sour. These gummy bears are vegan.
  • GoBio, a Canadian company, makes organic cola gummy bears that are made to taste like the popular soda flavoring. They are actually made using a cola nut extract. These bears do contain an organic gelatin. However, GoBio also sells vegetarian fruit-flavored bears made with gum Arabic.
  • Yummy Earth makes bags of gummy bears that are jelly-like in texture. They are labeled as organic and use organic sweeteners, but they are not certified by the USDA.

Other Varieties

Other types of organic jelly candy that may be available at Whole Foods or another natural foods store are candied fruit slices, shaped jellies, swirls, gummy ropes and gummy worms. These organic candies are often housed in barrels in the store's bulk foods section. The good thing about buying organic jellies this way is that people can pick exactly what types and flavors they want instead of getting stuck with an assortment or only one variety, as is usually the case when buying by the bag.


People looking for organic candies need to read product labels carefully. Natural does not mean organic, and a label that says organic on it may not mean it is USDA certified organic or even has 100 percent organic ingredients. For example, Surf Sweets' organic gummy worms are marketed as "at least 70 percent organic" which means some of the ingredients that the company uses do not comply with organic standards.

Of course to people looking for organic foods any organic ingredients is better than none, but those who want a completely organic diet need to use caution when purchasing.

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Organic Jelly Candy