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Pictures of Organic Herbs to Purchase and Grow

Organic Herbs to Purchase

There are many organic herbs to purchase and grow, either on a windowsill or in your organic garden. You may be able to find organic seeds and plant starts locally. If not, the Internet is a great source of these items. The most difficult thing will be to decide which herbs to grow.

Make sure that the packets state the herb seeds are certified organic and that any plants you buy are marked certified organic, too. Then grow them in a good organic potting soil and enjoy fresh herbs in your cooking.

Basil Comes in Many Varieties

Basil is a simple herb to grow, either from seed or by buying a plant. It will grow well in any sunny location, including a windowsill. You don’t have to be content with just one kind of basil either. There are numerous varieties available now including cinnamon basil and chocolate basil.

Use Chive Flowers in Salads

Chives are a must have for any organic cook. They add a delicate onion flavor. You can snip the stems and add them to your dishes or allow them to flower and use the flowers in salads.

Cilantro Needs Part Shade

Cilantro is also known as coriander. This warm tasting, earthy herb is a staple in many Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes. It is necessary for salsa and enchiladas. Cilantro is also good in salads and egg dishes. It is simple to grow in a sunny spot. It grows best with morning sun and then filtered light or partial shade for the hottest part of the day.

Dill Is Good for Other Plants

Dill is necessary for pickles, fish, and many other delicious dishes. It has a long taproot and will need a deep pot if grown indoors or as a potted plant. It grows to a height of about three to five feet. It will be ready for harvest in just eight weeks.

Dill encourages beneficial insects to come to the garden which helps other plants as well.

Garlic and Garlic Scapes

While many people may not think about growing garlic, it is easy to do. The varieties of garlic available to the home gardener are almost endless. Each type has a distinctly different flavor. Garlic usually needs to be planted in February or March in the south or in the fall in other areas of the country. If left to go to seed the scapes are very good in salads.

When considering organic herbs to purchase and grow, put heirloom garlic at the top of the list.

Mint Does Well as a Potted Plant

Mint is very invasive in the garden and does better as a potted plant. It grows easily in a sunny spot but buy a plant start rather than seeds. It can be difficult to get mint to grow from seed.

If you do grow it in the garden plant each mint plant in bottomless containers to contain it.

Rosemary Is an Evergreen

Rosemary is a perennial that like lots of sunlight and a soil that contains lots of lime. It is evergreen and grows rapidly, although can be difficult to grow from seed. In mild climates, it will survive in the outdoor garden all year. In places where it can get very cold, rosemary is best kept in pots so it can be brought inside for the winter.

Find Organic Herbs to Purchase

Use a good organic fertilizer, water as needed and your organic herb garden will thrive.

If you can’t find organic herbs to purchase and grow locally, you can find them on the internet. Abundant Life Seeds is an excellent resource of organic herb, flower, and vegetable seeds.

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Pictures of Organic Herbs to Purchase and Grow