Organic Hemp Clothing

Organic hemp clothing is made from sustainable fabric.
Organic hemp clothing is made from sustainable fabric.

Buying and wearing organic hemp clothing is a great way to support a healthier environment. And hemp isn't just for hippies, either; hemp clothing comes in a range of styles, from casual to dressy!

What Is Organic Hemp Clothing?

As a plant, hemp is very easy to grow and maintain, making it a great source of fiber for making rope and fabric. The stalk of the hemp plant is soaked to dissolve the pectin that holds the fibers together. The fibers are then processed and woven into yarn and thread. Good hemp fabric can be comparable to fine linen, with a very similar look and feel, or else it can have a rougher texture that is very distinct. Either way, hemp can fill a range of uses from fine clothing to industrial-strength packaging.

When used in clothing, hemp has other advantages as well. As a fabric, it is:

  • Very strong - hemp fiber is both lightweight and up to three times stronger than cotton fiber.
  • Breathable - natural fibers such as hemp "breathe" well and won't cause the wearer to get overly sticky or sweaty.
  • Cheap to make - hemp is very inexpensive to grow and easy to convert into fabric, plus it can be sown several times a year, improving the profit margin for farmers.
  • Weather-ready - this fiber holds up very well to UV rays and mold, making it ideal for people who work outside in the sun and rain.
  • Great for the environment - hemp is literally a weed, requiring very little water or fertilizer to grow well. This makes it much easier to sustain than more high-maintenance crops, such as cotton.

Why Choose Organic?

Clothing made from organic fibers has become all the rage lately. While it's definitely trendy to wear organic clothing, there are two very important reasons to choose these kinds of fashions: health and sustainability. When it comes to being "green," hemp fabric is a great choice. Since hemp is an easily renewable resource that requires little refining to make into comfortable fabrics, it doesn't take a lot of work or expensive equipment to produce hemp clothing. Hemp literally grows like a weed in many places! It doesn't require a lot of fertilizers to survive, and it's a lot easier and cheaper to grow than cotton. Putting this weed to good use is a great way to utilize an already abundant crop.


Clothing made from organic hemp fibers are not only good for the environment they're good for your health, too. Textile crops like cotton are generally sprayed with many different chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to guarantee a full yield for the farmer. Conventional cotton farming also necessitates the use of chemical fertilizers since land is often planted repeatedly without any breaks. This can cause the soil to break down and requires the addition of artificial nutrients. These chemicals can stay present within the fiber of the plant and be absorbed by your body when you wear them as clothing.

Where Can You Buy Hemp Clothing?

Shopping is one of the best parts of getting new clothes! If you can't find organic hemp clothing at a store near you, there are lots of options on the Internet.

  • Faerie's Dance produces a gorgeous line of women's clothing, all made with organic, sustainable fibers. If you're looking for sustainable swimwear, this is the place to look.
  • One Lucky Duck has a series of hemp clothing offerings, which changes with the seasons. This shop also has bamboo clothing, which is another sustainable option.
  • Rawganique sells a huge variety of hemp products, including clothing, linens, shoes and more. They even sell a hemp yoga mat and wedding wear!


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Organic Hemp Clothing