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Organic Goats' Milk Infant Formula

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Organic goats' milk infant formula can be an excellent alternative for babies that aren't breast fed and don't tolerate other organic infant formulas well.

Talk to Your Doctor

Like everything else, there are numerous opinions when using goats' milk formulas for your baby. You should always discuss your baby's nutritional needs as well as any concerns you have with your doctor. Since the decision to use goats' milk formula is very controversial in some areas, it is also a good idea to research the pros and cons carefully so that you have all the facts on hand when you discuss it with your doctor.

Cons of Using Goats' Milk Formula

While organic goats' milk infant formula is generally considered a healthy alternative to cows' milk or soy formulas, it does lack some essential vitamins and minerals. Goats' milk does not contain sufficient quantities of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • B-12
  • Folate

These nutrients contribute to healthy blood iron levels. If you are using goats' milk formula that does not have these nutrients added, you will need to supplement your baby's diet with vitamin drops.

Some people believe that using goats' milk is dangerous because of the possibility of brucellosis. Brucellosis is a bacterial infection that can be passed on to humans when they drink improperly prepared, infected milk. Cows as well as goats can transmit this disease, however, so it is unfair to rule out goats' milk because of it. Proper care of dairy animals, good hygiene, a clean environment, and regular testing guards against brucellosis in raw milk and the pasteurization process kills the bacteria in pasteurized milk. Since baby formulas made from goats' milk are pasteurized, there is really no chance of your baby contracting brucellosis from formula.

Goats' milk is also higher in protein than human milk. Some pediatricians feel that this can be hard on your baby's kidneys.

The Pros of Using Goats' Milk Formula

Some pediatricians feel that goats' milk formula is an excellent alternative to conventional formulas when your baby cannot tolerate cows' milk. Dr. Sears recommends goats' milk infant formula on his site.

Milk is made up of proteins. Many babies are allergic to the proteins in cows' milk.

These proteins form curds in baby's stomach when it mixes with the stomach acid. Cows' milk forms larger curds than goats' milk during the process of digestion. Since the curds of goats'milk are smaller and easier to digest, there is less of a chance that they will cause discomfort like colic, spitting up, or other digestion problems.

Another reason that goats' milk may be easier on your baby's tummy is that the fat in the milk is made of smaller particles which make it more digestible.

While goats' milk is deficient in the nutrients listed above, it is much higher in some nutrients than cows' milk.

Finally, you may want to consider that most soy formulas contain soy that was produced with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Comparison Chart

Here is a chart that compares some of the nutrients in cows' milk and goats' milk.

Cows' Milk vs. Goats' Milk
Nutrient Cow Goat
Calories 150 168
Protein (g) 8g 8.7g
Fat (g) 8.2g 10.1
A (IU) 301 457
Folic Acid (mcg) 12 0.7
Calcium (mcg) 290 326
B-2 (mcg) 0.04 0.34
B-6 (mcg) 0.01 0.11

Where to Buy Organic Goats' Milk Infant Formula

You should be able to find organic goat milk formulas in your local health food and natural foods stores. Try Whole Foods and Trader Joes if you have them near you. Online you can find organic formula at the following websites:

If you have trouble finding organic goats' milk formula, you may want to consider using the following recipe for organic goats' milk formula.

Stay Informed

Your baby's health is the most important thing. Always talk to your pediatrician before making changes to your baby's diet. Keep a careful eye on your baby to catch any nutritional problem or allergy as quickly as possible, and keep yourself informed of changing nutritional reports.

Organic Goats' Milk Infant Formula