Organic Furniture in Canada

Organic patio furniture

If you're looking for organic furniture in Canada, we have some resources for you.

What Makes Furniture "Organic?"

Furniture classified as organic is built in a sustainable fashion, without petroleum-based products such as synthetic fabrics, vinyl, or formaldehyde. Sustainability is preserved in the production of new furniture through the use of reclaimed materials, bamboo, and sustainable wood.

The furniture is finished without the use of toxic glues and volatile organic compounds. In fact, many manufacturers carry a Greenguard certification of low toxicity. Many companies prefer to use fasteners instead of glue so that a table, for example, may be broken down and its components reused in another piece.

Instead of being stuffed with polyurethane foam, cushions, mattresses and cloth pieces are filled or upholstered with organic material such as soybean fiber, untreated natural cotton, organic wool, and hemp.

It's also important that each piece be manufactured responsibly, without the use of additional chemicals.

Finding Organic Furniture in Canada

Here are some reputable dealers and manufacturers of organic furniture in Canada. It's important to review the shipping policies for each online store, as some may only be able to transport goods within certain provinces.

  • The Good Planet in Victoria, BC, features organic bedding and mattresses, plus many other home and personal care products.
  • Style Garage specializes in made-to-order furniture that is made from sustainable materials "wherever possible." You can work closely with designers to create something personal, using materials you'll be comfortable with.

There are also some American-based companies, especially in California, that easily ship to many parts of Canada. Try Bean Products.

You'll Pay More, But Get More

As you're budgeting for organic furniture, factor in an additional 30-40 percent above the normal retail cost of standard furniture.

While this may send you into sticker shock, remember that few organic pieces are mass-produced. The majority of manufacturers still craft pieces individually and assemble them by hand. This ensures a well-built item. Add the fact that the pieces are made with chemical-free materials, and you'll have furniture to enjoy for years to come.

Don't think you'll be sacrificing style or function, either. You'll actually discover that many organic furniture makers have design and artesian backgrounds, and create one-of-a-kind pieces that fit within any décor.

Remember, many manufacturers also maintain a level of sustainability by recycling furniture pieces. Review all company policies to see if, when you're ready to purchase new furniture, you can get a discount to trade in old pieces for the company to salvage for future production.

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Organic Furniture in Canada