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Organic Fruit and Vegetable Drinks

A juicy orange.

Organic fruit and vegetable drinks are a convenient, tasty way to get important vitamins and minerals from fresh, minimally processed vegetables and fruits. Many manufacturers produce and market organic juices, and they have become mainstream enough that you can often find them in large grocery stores in addition to health-food and specialty markets. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of these juices, you can also choose to invest in a juicer, buy or grow organic fruits and vegetables, and make your own juice at home.

Organic Vegetable Drinks

Organic vegetable juices aren't as widely available as organic fruit juices, but they can be found in many health-food stores, specialty markets, and even some large grocery stores. Each store may carry different brands, so if you're searching for a specific type of drink, order the drink online or talk with a store's manager to request it.

  • Biotta Organic Juices are gluten-, lactose-, nut-, and wheat-free. Their vegetable juice varieties include beet, celery, carrot, potato, and sauerkraut. Biotta is an environmentally conscious company that strives to minimize its impact on the Earth by using only recyclable glass bottles for its products, among other measures.
  • Wild Bunch Juice produces vegetable and fruit juice blends that are certified organic. Their products' interesting flavors include wheatgrass and pineapple; carrot and ginger; spinach, green apple, and yellow pepper; and beetroot, red apple, and dragonfruit.
  • R.W. Knudsen Family's Very Veggie organic juice is a vegetable juice blend that the company recommends using in soups and sauces or enjoying as a straight beverage.

Organic Fruit Drinks

More popular than vegetable juices and blends, organic fruit drinks are great accompaniments to any meal and make nutritious snacks in themselves.

  • Santa Cruz Organic sells 32-ounce glass bottles of organic fruit juice drinks in more than a dozen varieties. Among their more unique flavors are hibiscus cooler, limeade, passionfruit nectar, and pineapple-coconut juice.
  • Elite Naturel is a company that produces certified organic seed extracts and fruit juices. They utilize many "superfruits" and antioxidant-rich fruits in their products, which can be found in drinks like pomegranate acai black mulberry and pomegranate green tea.
  • Purity Organic produces organic juices and organic sports drinks that contain at least 20 percent juice. Their sports-drink varieties are pomegranate blueberry, cranberry lime, and orange mango tangerine.
  • Columbia Gorge Organic produces its certified-organic juice blends on a family farm and incorporates composting and sustainable practices whenever possible. They manufacture juices, ciders, smoothies, and vitatritions, which are nutrition-packed juice blends.

Just for For Kids

A few organic companies have designed and released products that are specially meant for kids. Gerber, the popular manufacturer of baby food, also produces a line of certified organic juices meant for babies and young children.

Juicing Your Own

If you want to create your own organic fruit and vegetable drinks at home, you can do so with a blender, food process, or juicer. Learning how to juice fruits and vegetables is a simple process, and though the expense of a juicer or high-quality blender is a significant up-front cost, you can save money over time if you use the machine to make lots of organic juice drinks.

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Organic Fruit and Vegetable Drinks