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Organic Foods by Mail Order

organic mail order

If you're having trouble locating your favorite grocery items, consider purchasing your organic foods by mail order. Although many towns now have health food stores with some organics and major chain groceries are offering organic fruits and vegetables, there are still many items that can be difficult to locate. Because of the ease of online shopping, it is easy to order organic foods and have them delivered right to your door.

While it is usually best to try to support local organic farmers and the costs will typically be much less, there are times when a product isn't available or you want to ship something to a friend. In those cases, it is best to use an organics provider near the person to which you are shipping the items. Especially with fresh foods, distance can have a huge impact on the quality upon delivery as items tend to spoil.

Places Where You Can Get Organic Foods by Mail Order

There are many different organic farms around the country where you can mail order your food. Typically, it is best to stick with USDA certified organics to be ensured of the processes and quality of the food items. However, this is a decision you must make for your own family. Also, keep in mind when purchasing costly items that some fruits and vegetables retain more toxins and pesticides than others. Because of this, it is best to purchase the dirty dozen organic whenever possible.

Cereals, Grains and Bread Items

Looking for organic grains, cereals and breads? Here are a few companies that offer these products with organic approval and will ship around the country:

Meats, Dairy Products, Miscellaneous Items

If you want to avoid hormone and pesticide laden products for yourself and your children, you may want to try these companies:


With concerns about mercury and PCBs, organic fish is a must in some cases, especially if your mercury levels are already high. Just remember that there is no process for the USDA to determine if the fish are "organic." Each farm has its own definition of what organic means. Because of this, it is important to ask lots of questions, review customer testimonials and limit even organic fish to only two or three times a week.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

This is probably the least common ordered organic foods by mail order. Most of the time, organic fruits and vegetables can be located at nearby farms, farmer's markets and the grocery store. However, some items may be harder to come by or perhaps you want to get a discount for ordering in bulk and start a neighborhood co-op. In these cases, ordering by mail order can become vital. Here are a few of the better known organic farmers providing fruits and vegetables via mail order:

  • Farmbox Direct - Delivers boxes of fruits, vegetables, or mixes of both
  • Mother Earth Produce - Sells and delivers fruits and veggies in bins from small to large
  • TGL Organic - Ships organic produce nationwide with 24 to 48 hour delivery available

Related Mail Delivery Items

Want to grow your own organic and heirloom produce? There are several companies that offer organic heirloom seeds as well as information on organic gardening. Try these:

Whatever combination of local and mail order organics you decide to purchase, you should be able to find just about any fruit, vegetable or other food you can imagination via Google and other online search engines. As always, carefully check the company and reviews at places such as Epinions to be certain you are purchasing authentic organic products.

Organic Foods by Mail Order