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As popular as natural food products are, many areas still don't have a reliable organic supply locally, and that's when organic food catalogs come in handy.

Ordering From Organic Food Catalogs

Whether you're looking for organic herbs and spices, a better vegetable source, or a wide variety of other foodstuffs, here are some helpful resources.

  • Azure Standard has a vast selection of organic products, including food, skincare items, tea, coffee, and pet supplies.
  • MaryJanesFarm fills a niche with organic pouch mixes and foodstuffs from which you can build entire meals or have a quick hike snack simply by mixing in water. Once dry, the pouch can be added to the campfire.
  • Natural Zing specializes in organic fruits, nuts, nut butters, snacks, and sweets. You can also find natural health products through the company's online catalog.
  • Sunfood Nutrition is another raw food retailer with a wide assortment of foodstuffs, vitamins, and other healthful living products, such as juicers and sprout starter kits.
  • Sun Organic Farm has distributed organic products for more than 10 years. The company makes a variety of heat-and-serve meals that are great for camping or busy weekday dinners. There's a great flour and grain selection, too.

For Gifts or For Yourself

You may fulfill a desire to have an organic food store by ordering everyday staples through a catalog, but consider the delight of selecting natural products for friends and loved ones as well. Many companies specialize in gift baskets with a host of fine goods, including:

  • Organic wine and cheese
  • Organic champagne and truffles
  • Certified organic meats and produce
  • Organic flowers
  • Organic baking supplies
  • Natural beauty products such as soaps, shampoos, and lotions
  • Natural living aids such as neti pots, wheatgrass kits, and sprout starters.

You'll also find an assortment of "green living" products for your home through mail-order, such as cleansers, housewares, clothing, and more.

Many companies that offer organic food catalogs cater to the needs of your animal friends, too. If you can't find natural pet food in your hometown, try ordering it through a specialty retailer.

Catalog vs. Online Shopping

There are numerous organic sources online. In many cases, you can order a company's catalog through its website. Which raises the question: Why order a catalog if it's so easy to go online? That's actually an important factor to consider. Some companies offer discounts and promotions to mail-order customers that are different from website deals. So if cost matters, it would behoove you to compare both options.

However, most manufacturers and distributors are aware of the impact of their marketing footprint on the earth. The majority create print material from post-consumer recycled content and natural inks and dyes.

Remember, you can do your part to recycle organic food catalogs.

  • Pass along a catalog to a friend.
  • Shred them to use as packing material, line animal litter boxes, and mix into compost piles (if the ink is natural).
  • Twist up the pages and make lightweight campfire kindling.
  • Combine with a vinegar solution and use pages in place of paper towels for window cleaning.
  • Recycle it.
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