Buying Organic Fair Trade Herbs, Seeds and Plants


While organic fair trade herbs, seeds and plants aren't might be somewhat challenging to find, it's not impossible to locate them. There are places where you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Finding Organic, Fair Trade Herbs, Seeds, and Plants

There are many different types of organic fair trade products on the market, including organic fair trade herbs, seeds and plants.

Organic Fair Trade Herbs

By bearing the fair trade label, you know the products are made with environmental sustainability, but that doesn't mean they are organic. Here is a list of companies that sell organic fair trade herbs:

  • Q Trade Teas - This company doesn't just sell tea as the name suggests; it also offers over 20 different herbs.

Organic Fair Trade Seeds

Whether you're planning a garden, using the seeds as a supplement to your diet or using specific seeds for cooking, find organic fair trade seeds at the following retailers:

  • West Coat Seeds - Specializes in heirloom and heritage organic fair trade seeds.

Organic Fair Trade Plants

There is no reason why you shouldn't get your organic plants from companies with fair trade practices. Here are a few:

  • Organic Bouquet - All of Organic Bouquets, flowers, plants and wreaths bear both the certified organic and certified fair trade labels.
  • Green Trade - Become a member of this group to browse through their selection of organic free trade plants including medicinal and aromatic varieties.

Explaining Fair Trade

With the proliferation of organic products on the market, people are more familiar with the term organic than the term fair trade. The concept of fair trade is broad and sometimes, extremely complicated. If you get the basics, then you get the general concept of what fair trade is all about.

Trending Free Trade

Though free trade products have not quite caught on as quickly as organic products, the sale of organic free trade products is trending upward. As awareness of the importance of fair trade grows, so too do the sales of products in the fair trade industry. The more people know about fair trade practices, the more likely they are to pay the few extra bucks it costs for organic fair trade products. After all, fair trade companies don't charge those couple of extra dollars for their products to increase their bottom line; they do it to promote the economic stability of their employees and environmentally stability of their communities.

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Buying Organic Fair Trade Herbs, Seeds and Plants