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Organic Cures for Acne

Organic Skin Care.

Organic cures for acne, or more accurately treatments, are becoming increasingly widely available. The range of organic products is extending as people are getting more aware of organic issues. If someone leads an organic lifestyle, eats organic food, gardens organically and perhaps wears clothes made from organic fabric, it makes sense that organic skin care items is also going to become increasingly important too.

What is Acne?

Before looking at the organic option for acne treatments, it is useful to understand what acne actually is.

Acne is a skin condition that affects people from all walks of life. Although it is traditionally thought of as being an ailment that affects young people, people of all ages can suffer from acne and it can occur on any part of the body.

There is no suggestion that someone leading an organic lifestyle is going to be more or less susceptible to acne than anyone else. It is believed though, that the organic lifestyle is generally more healthy and the diet more balanced which, at the very least, can help maintain a healthy skin.

Acne generally causes one or more of the following:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Red or yellow spots
  • Greasy skin
  • Scars

The severity of acne varies, ranging from a few spots to a chronic condition. Research shows that as many as 80 percent of people between the ages of 11 and 30 are said to suffer acne in some form.

The Causes of Acne

Acne is caused by the over activity of the sebaceous glands that secrete oily substances onto the skin.Acne is NOT caused by consuming a lot of fatty foods or by having dirty skin. Although a balanced diet and clean environment will certainly help promote healthier skin.

Treatment for Acne

There are many treatments for acne; these are available both over-the-counter and by prescription. Most of these treatments are formed from chemicals or other non-organic ingredients which might cause a problem for someone looking to lead an organic lifestyle.

Treatments generally are either topical, which means they are rubbed into the skin, or oral, which means that the treatment is taken in a pill form. An example of an oral treatment is a series of antibiotics prescribed for inflammatory acne.

Organic Cures for Acne (Treatments)

Someone suffering from severe acne should always consult their doctor or dermatologist for advice. Many, if they understand someone's wish to lead an organic lifestyle, will help recommend a program which fits in with this, or at the very least point out the steps that can be taken towards an organic cure for acne.

For less serious suffers, there are a range of organic cures for acne, and treatments, available from drugstores and online. With any organic purchase, it is important to read the small print carefully and ensure that the product is certified organic. There are many products which are promoted as being 'natural, which is not the same as being organic. Some products also contain organic ingredients but these are often mixed with ingredients that are not organic. For instance 'contains certified organic botanicals' does not necessarily mean that the whole product is organic.

There are many natural treatments which may help to clear acne. Cider vinegar is cited by many as being particularly effective. Organic face masks using different store cupboard ingredients are also reported to help treat skin complaints. These include face masks made with organic rolled oats and honey, or liquidized cucumber and yogurt.

Hints for Treating Acne the Organic Way

  • Consult your doctor with severe complaints, informing him of your organic lifestyle choice.
  • Use soft organic cotton face cloths to wash with twice a day. Wash face cloths often with an ecological laundry product.
  • Keep skin clean with a sulphate-free face wash
  • Do NOT over wash or clean the skin - some oils are important to maintain a healthy skin
  • Use organic tea tree oil to treat spots
  • Exfoliate using an organic product to keep skin fresh and clean
Organic Cures for Acne