Finding Organic Cotton Yarn

Organic cotton makes for soft and eco-friendly yarn.

For knitting and crocheting, organic cotton yarn is a great choice. Since traditionally grown cotton uses a large number of pesticides, people who are concerned about the environment often seek out products made from organic cotton. Cotton can be certified as organic if it is grown on land that has been free of chemicals for at least three years.

Buying Organic Cotton Yarn

Organic cotton yarn is a great choice for knitting and crocheting unique handmade items. Whether you're making a baby blanket or a warm winter hat, working with organic cotton helps ensure your project is beautiful, soft, durable, and good for the environment. Although organic yarn can cost 20-50 percent more than comparable non-organic yarn, having a product that is free from harmful chemicals is well worth the added expense.

Shopping Locally

Since organic yarn is still considered a specialty yarn, it can sometimes be difficult to find at your local craft store. However, here are a few products to look for:

  • Blue Sky Alpacas makes 100% organic cotton yarn that is well regarded by crafters for its exceptional quality. The vibrant color palette includes options like lotus, lemongrass, pickle, tomato, pumpkin, and cumin.

Online Sources

If your shopping options are limited in your local community, check out the following resources for buying materials for knitting and crocheting projects:

  • Ecobutterfly Organics is an online specialty shop selling organic yarn, recycled glass beads, natural buttons, bamboo needles, and patterns of interest to crafters who are concerned about the environment.

Easy Care

Organic cotton requires no special care. It is durable, long-lasting, and holds dye well. Organic cotton has the same fiber strength and length as conventionally grown cotton.

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Finding Organic Cotton Yarn