Organic Cotton Tights for Girls

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If your child has an allergic reaction to some materials, you may want to look into organic cotton tights for girls to prevent rashes, bumps and chafes. Another reason why many parents choose organic cotton and other organic materials is because the process used to grow the materials is a lot less taxing on the environment.

Facts about Organic Cotton

  • Organic cotton grown in the United States must pass federal regulation standards to wear the label.
  • Cotton accounts for around fifty percent of the world's need for fibers to create fabric.
  • Most of the cotton grown is treated with toxic substances.
  • Growers of organic cotton do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
  • With a whopping 25 percent of insecticides and even more when you include pesticides coming from cotton crops, simply cleaning up how we grow cotton can have a huge impact on the environment and those living in areas where cotton is grown.
  • Cotton is picked by hand, so workers are healthier when they are not exposed to harsh chemicals.
  • Organic farming is less taxing on precious land resources.

Where to Purchase Organic Cotton Tights for Girls

Organic cotton tights for girls have become popular as more and more pieces of clothing make their way into stores. Even stores like Gap and Bed Bath and Beyond have carried 100 percent organic cotton products.

There is some fear that some young children have picked up more pesticides in their systems than they should be exposed to in a lifetime. Many experts believe that in addition to drinking water and other carcinogens, cotton is a big culprit in these instances. By purchasing organic cotton tights for girls, parents eliminate the possibility of pesticide poisoning from this particular source.

There are many places where you can purchase 100 percent organic cotton tights and organic tights with a blend of other materials.

Sock Shop

The Sock Shop is a United Kingdom basked company, but they offer an excellent selection of organic cotton tights in a variety of colors. These tights are about 80 percent organic cotton mixed with other materials. The end result is bright, vivid colors and durability. The site clearly lists the costs for delivering overseas orders.


Amazon is great source for more than just books on organic cotton; you'll also find a nice selection of organic cotton clothing and tights. They offer organic cotton terry tights for under $20.00. The tights come in cream, rose, black and navy.

The bottom line is that no matter where you decide to purchase your organic cotton tights, whether it is through your local retailer or an online store, your little girl will thank you for protecting her from the world's chemical dangers. Tights can go with just about any outfit for little girls, so choose colors that you think will work best with your daughter's wardrobe. Be sure to price compare as the cost of organic cotton tights can vary widely from one retailer to the next.

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Organic Cotton Tights for Girls