Organic Cotton Sweats

organic sweats

Organic cotton sweats are great to just throw on for exercise or just lounging around. Some of these sweats are even quite stylish and are suitable for wearing around town while running errands. There are many benefits to buying organic cotton both for your health and for the sake of the planet.

Why Buy Organic Cotton Sweats?

If you're like many Americans you can understand the benefits of buying organic food; after all who really wants to eat pesticides? However, the benefits of buying organic cotton may be a little less clear. Try thinking of it this way; by wearing non - organic clothing, you are literally wearing pesticides and chemicals. These toxins remain on your skin all throughout the day and night.

Pesticide Level Is Second Only to Coffee

This is especially alarming when you take note of the fact that cotton is the second most heavily sprayed crop in the world (coffee is the first). An average size T-shirt might have somewhere between a quarter and a half pound of pesticides sprayed on it. Although there are no long-term studies on the effects chemicals on clothing scientists do acknowledge that residual chemicals can seep into your skin from these pesticide-laden clothing and potentially cause harm. Most pesticides that are used today contain chloride compounds - a dangerous toxin. These compounds are carcinogens or cancer causing agents. Furthermore, chlorine is a hormone-disrupter that is linked to breast and prostate cancer.

Genetic Modification

Some conventionally grown cotton is also being genetically modified so that the pesticides grow within the plant. GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, cannot be labeled as organic. Many organic farms and associations are fighting the introduction of these plant strains into the environment. Aside from the health concerns there is another reason many choose to buy organic cotton. Organic farming supports sustainable agricultural practices, which is far better for the land than modern methods, which strip the soils of nutrients. Many organic clothing companies also practice fair trade and pay their employees a living wage, which appeals to some consumers.

Organic May Be More Comfortable

Last but not least, a third reason consumers buy organic cotton is because they report it's softer to the touch and does not irritate their skin. There are no substantiated studies on the validity of this claim, but thousands of consumers report that organic cotton is much softer than regular cotton. Many individuals with sensitive skin also say they have little to no flare ups when wearing organic cotton versus wearing non-organic cotton.

Stylish and Affordable Clothing

Several years ago you would have to go to a specialty store and pay a high price for organic cotton sweats. Additionally, the sweats you would have bought back then would probably not been trendy or stylish. That isn't the case today. More and more consumers have demanded organic cotton clothing over the years, so a greater number of manufacturers are producing a greater variety of the clothing, and at lower cost.

Today, not only will you find organic cotton clothing in your local upscale department store, but you'll also be able to find it at Wal-Mart and Target. Large retailers such as these have drastically slashed the price of organic cotton, making it incredibly accessible to the average American. Be aware, however that organic not the same as fair trades. The cotton could indeed be organic and yet still outsourced to countries which commonly use slave labor.

Manufacturers have created all sort of colors and styles of organic cotton sweats for reasonable prices. You can find the sweats in girly pink, traditional grey or in almost any print imaginable. There are also an endless number of styles for men, women and children; hoodies, zip-ups and short sleeved are just a few.

Whether you want to buy organic sweats for your daily workout or as a comfortable outfit to go about town - you can do it for an affordable price. What's also great is that you can find organic cotton at almost any local clothing store, so you won't have to pay for shipping to order from an online specialty retailer. Given the environmental and health benefits some people feel that organic cotton is the way to go.

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Organic Cotton Sweats