Finding Organic Cotton Bras

Sixties Underwire Bra from Faeries Dance
Sixties Underwire Bra from Faeries Dance

Organic cotton bras are made from toxic-free materials and are never prewashed in chemicals. Many of these bras are the products of work-at-home mothers and cottage industries, making them an excellent ethical as well as environmental choice.

Where to Buy Organic Bras

Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe has a large variety of bras available on their website including crossover, cami, yoga and simple bras with a nice range of colors including black, purple, natural and naked. The range does not include an underwire option, but they do offer a style specifically for the larger-busted woman.

Bras range from 100% organic to an 80/10 organic/spandex mix. Sizing begins at small through extra large, and the Jane's Plus Cup range is available for those needing extra support, also begins at small through extra large.

Many of their bras are advertised as perfectly suited for nursing mothers.


Rawganique stocks a range of organic bras, many of which are similar to the styles mentioned; however this site also has a few more unique bras not often seen elsewhere:

  • Organic Cotton Bralette from Rawganique Photo copyright 2013
    Organic Cotton Bralette from Rawganique
    The Organic Pima Cotton Lady Lace Bra is a lovely bra with lace insert for those desiring a more feminine style. It is made from 100% organic USA pima cotton fabric and has an adjustable straps and band. It comes in ecru-natural, an unbleached and un-dyed fabric and is available in sizes 34A-40D. This bra is also machine washable.
  • The Organic Cotton Bralette can be worn on its own as a yoga-style top or underneath for bra-style support. 90% organic cotton and 10% spandex, it comes in sizes S-M-L and is machine washable and made in the USA. It comes in a fun array of unique colors not often found in organic clothing including natural, two-tone jade, and terracotta.

Faeries Dance

Queen Front Close Bra from Faeries Dance
Queen Front Close Bra from Faeries Dance

Faeries Dance offers the widest array of organic bra styles; the online store stocks many of the already-mentioned brands and more. Most notably, they stock the elusive underwire styles carrying the Organic Underwire Tshirt Bra in a variety of pretty colors. This bra is made with a minimum 90% organic cotton fabric, offering sizes 32B-36C. The lovely Broceliande Underwire Bra in embroidered French blue, made of 100% organic cotton exclusive of underwire and the Elegance Underwire Bra is offered in sizes up to 36D and comes in black, taupe or plum. This bra is made from 100% organic cotton.

For the fuller busted woman, the Queen Front Close Bra is available in sizes up to 44D and the Elegance Enveloping Bra is offered in sizes through 38DD. Available in black, taupe or plum, it is made with 100% Turkish cotton aside from the elastic band and straps.

So many more unique bras are available in this store. The cool Sixties Bra, pretty Shalu Underwire, elegant Soy Lace Bralette, and adorable Polka Dot Soft Push-Up Bra are all unique and fun alternatvies to the often plain and simple organic bras widely available.

Styles of Organic Cotton Bras

Most organic bras are simply made and many are styled more like camisoles, cross over and yoga tops than traditional bras. A select few have fine lingerie touches appealing to those who prefer style in their undergarments, but the burgeoning demand for more style and color has seen the emergence of an array of options to the organic undergarment market.

It may be more difficult to find variety in the styles available in your size if you are larger than a D cup, but it is not impossible. Organic cotton bras generally do not have underwire or the added support needed to support a large bust; however, a few of the stores listed have some options for larger-busted women. Smaller busted women will find many choices to suit individual styles and budgets.

Availability of Organic Bras

The organic clothing industry has boomed over the past number of years and the organic underwear market is also seeing much more variety in colors and styles. What were once drab and boring bras with muted colors and matronly, ill-fitting styles are now stylish, productive and useful items that a woman can be proud to have in her closet.

Finding the perfect organic bra is not the headache it may once have been. With the explosion of ecommerce stores came accessibility and availability at the click of a mouse. Many big-box stores are also bowing to consumer demand and beginning to stock one or two organic styles in their lingerie section. This market is likely to grow, as awareness of the benefits of organic clothing both for health and the planet become more widespread in the community.

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Finding Organic Cotton Bras