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Organic Christmas for Baby

Communication is key to getting family members in on an organic Christmas.

If you're planning an organic Christmas for baby, you may be wondering how to get started and how to keep well-meaning relatives from buying products for your child that you don't want in your house.

The Right Attitude

The first step may be to realize that everyone means well and just wants to shower your new treasure with love and presents. If you have relatives who live far away or are older, they might not understand that you are raising an organic child or what exactly that means.

Whether you're trying to keep your baby away from products made in China or you just want to make sure he or she is exposed to as few chemicals as possible, there are many reasons you might want an organic Christmas for baby. While you don't have to justify your decision to anyone, having a good reason for accepting only organic gifts will convince some gift-givers that you're serious. In this case, they will be more likely to meet your wishes.

The Right Wish List

The most important thing when requesting organic gifts is to give holiday shoppers a lot of options. There are so many organic shops these days that it should be easy to come up with several-online or in the real world-that have gifts you would like for your baby.

Almost every website and store today has some kind of wish list capability. Use this to your advantage. Don't be afraid to ask for the kinds of products you want. If other people in your family aren't living an organic lifestyle, they will appreciate the guidance.

As when building any other kind of wish list or gift registry, you'll want to include items at different price points as much as possible. You don't want to make someone on a tight budget feel excluded because you didn't have anything in their price range on your list. Look beyond toys to clothing, towels, bedding, socks and other daily necessities that also happen to make adorable Christmas presents.

Flexibility and Organic Christmas for Baby

If you only want organic gifts for your little one, it is important to let as many people know as you can. You don't want them to spend time or energy looking for gifts that you are just going to take back.

However, it can seem a little tacky to go around telling everyone you know you're seeking organic gifts. They might take it as an expectation of a gift from them, when they might not have been intending to get you something. Instead, try bringing up the fact that you're having an organic Christmas when other people are talking about their plans for the holiday.

If you have a blog or send out a Christmas letter (early enough in the season so people still have time to shop), you can mention your organic intentions and say something like, "we've set up wish lists for friends and family at X if you're looking for organic gift ideas."

Even with all the planning, odds are good that someone won't have gotten the memo or will have just purchased something that wasn't organic. It's not worth it to make a scene with these people; just accept their gift, return it for cash, and go shopping for something more suitable yourself.

Sometime when it's not a holiday you can explain to your friend or family member how important it is to only have organic products around your baby in the hopes of preventing future gift problems.

If all else fails in your quest for an organic Christmas for baby, ask for Visa gift cards or gift certificates for your favorite organic boutique. That's another way your friends and family can spoil your little one, but you'll still be able to pick the perfect gifts for your lifestyle. Just remember to send a thank you note with a picture of your little one in the perfect organic playset you bought with the money.

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Organic Christmas for Baby