Organic Bulk Watermelon Seeds

Organic Watermelon Seeds

Certified organic bulk watermelon seeds are available in many delicious varieties ranging from the extra large, tasty Black Diamond to the small, wonderfully sweet Sugar Baby. Most buyers of organic watermelon seeds in bulk quantities are farmers and commercial growers.

Where to Find Organic Bulk Watermelon Seeds Online

The Internet has many excellent websites that provide certified organic watermelon seeds in bulk quantities to buyers. The following is only a small sampling of those websites.

Varieties of Organic Watermelon Seeds Sold in Bulk

There are more than 1,200 varieties of watermelon grown throughout the world, with almost 300 of those varieties grown in the United States and Mexico. However, only about 50 varieties are well known, and they are divided into four general categories:

  • All Sweet
  • Ice Box
  • Seedless
  • Yellow Flesh

Popular Types of Organic Watermelon

Although there are many types of watermelon seeds sold in bulk, the following watermelon varieties are among the most popular.

  • Ali Baba*Allsweet
  • Black Diamond
  • Charleston Gray
  • Crimson Sweet
  • Early Moonbeam
  • Klondike Blue Ribbon
  • Moon & Stars
  • Orangeglo
  • Strawberry
  • Sugar Baby
  • Triple Crown
  • Triple Prize

Great Watermelon Choices

When professional growers and farmers use organic bulk watermelon seeds, we are assured of watermelons that are of the highest quality and chemical free.

Organic Bulk Watermelon Seeds