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Certified organic bedding is free from the chemicals, artificial dyes, fire-retardants and bleaches commonly used in manufacturing regular bedding. From your mattress to your comforter, blankets, sheets and pillows, it's possible to put together a complete set of organic bedding that just might help you rest easier at night.

Canadian Sources for Organic Bedding

When shopping for organic fabrics, you want to be sure the material is 100% organic, not to be confused with those marketed as 100% natural. Organic products will bear the Organic Seal of Certification. Cotton or wool can be all natural and yet not be a certified organic fiber.


Aviva is a large purveyor of organic bedding and everything imaginable in its holistic line. It operates a retail center in Winnipeg. The company is a member of the Canadian Health Food Association and Fair Trade Manitoba. It sells several kinds of organic bedding, including mattresses, offered by Natura and Omi, that include:

  • Crib and adult mattresses: Latex mattresses, 100% certified organic wool and cotton
  • Crib bumpers: Organic wool filler with organic cotton covers
  • Dual chamber buckwheat hull pillows: Inner chamber filled with organic buckwheat hulls and outer with organic wool. Customize firmness by removing buckwheat.
  • Mattress pads and toppers: Organic cotton or wool pads with sateen toppers
  • Pillowcases: Organic cotton or wool

Loop Organic

If you want the look of a boutique hotel for your boudoir, this company is your final destination. With multiple brick and mortar locations throughout Canada and the United States, Loop Organic sells organic bedding guaranteed by the "most stringent set of standards for organic textiles (GOTS)." The company is also a member of the Organic Trade Association and Green America.

You can find the following in stores or online:

  • Accent pillows: Hemp linen screen prints using water-based printing process
  • Blankets: Woven in tiny square pattern
  • Duvet covers: Tagua nut button closures
  • Shams: Sateen finish with two-inch flange
  • Sheets: Deep-pocket with sateen finish
  • Throws: Velvety finish in herringbone pattern


Obasan, located in Ottawa, Ontario, offers a full bedding system that includes box springs, mattresses and pillows as well as comforters.

  • Comforters: Made from organic wool that's "quilted between the organic cotton covers"
  • Pillows: Either pure wool or natural rubber encased in 100% organic cotton knits (comes with same cotton pillowcase)
  • Protectors, pads and toppers: Available in pure wool or pure rubber with organic cotton flannel or cotton jersey covers
  • Crib mattresses: Extra firm support in pure wool or pure rubber; covered with "removable organic cotton jersey"
  • Crib and puddle moisture pad protector: Pure wool


According to the Rawganique website, the owners specifically chose the types of fibers they wished to sell. "We settled on three elegant ancient fibers: organic cotton, hemp, and linen." They also stipulate that all of their products are 100% organic, sweatshop-free and hypo-allergenic, dye and chemical free.

You can choose Rawganique's EcruCannaBliss Chambray Home Collection bedding or other bedding made from 100% certified organic wool, as well as custom pillows made of organic mullet, buckwheat and flax.

The bedding offered on the website includes:

  • Bed sheets: Cotton and hemp
  • Blankets: Wool, cotton and hemp
  • Comforters: Wool, cotton and hemp
  • Duvets and covers: Wool, cotton and hemp
  • Mattresses: Pure latex rubber, wool
  • Mattress pads: Cotton and wool
  • Pillows and pillow protectors: Wool, cotton, latex rubber and hemp

The Good Planet Company

The Good Planet Company specializes in various natural and organic products that include Alpaca wool, organic cotton, silk and bamboo bedding. In addition to bedding, the company sells bed pillows, as well as traditional bed and futon mattresses made from pure rubber or organic wool. You can find these materials used for:

  • Bed sheets and pillowcases: Some 100% organic cotton; check descriptions
  • Blankets and throws: Organic cotton or wool
  • Duvets and comforters: Organic wool fillers and organic cotton covers

The Mattress and Sleep Company

What you find with The Mattress and Sleep Company is an organization that "is passionate about chemical-free bedding, mattresses and bath."

The bedding offerings include:

  • Baby bedding: From crib bumpers to mattresses
  • Duvets: Organic sheep's wool and alpaca duvets
  • Mattress pads: Organic cotton or sheep's wool
  • Mattresses: Organic cotton or wool and pure rubber
  • Pillows:Organic cotton or wool and pure rubber

While a large selection of 100% certified organic bedding is offered, there's also "all natural" products offered, so check the descriptions to ensure you end up with organic bedding.

Organic Lifestyle

Organic Lifestyle is located in Toronto, Ontario, although you can make purchases in-store as well as online. The store specializes in organic bedding manufactured according to the standards used by Oeko-Tex.

Their product line includes:

  • Baby bedding: Fitted crib sheets, blankets, waterproof crib protectors free of vinyl, PVC, and phthalates
  • Sheets: Flannel, sateen, and cotton jersey
  • Pillows: Kapok fiber-filled, wool-filled, buckwheat hull-filled
  • Comforters: Cotton and wool

Dream Designs

Dream Designs is committed to bringing its customers organic products made with sustainable fibers. They have two retail locations in Vancouver and West Vancouver, BC, as well as a factory outlet store in Burnaby, BC,

Their organic offerings include:

  • Linens: 100% SKAL certified organic cotton sheets and pillowcases
  • Duvets covers: Organic cotton and flannel
  • Baby crib linens: Fitted sheets in organic flannel and sateen

Dream Designs does sell other products listed as "natural," so be sure that the bedding you're looking at is listed as 100% organic.

Making "Green" Choices

These are just a few of the companies in Canada that offer organic bedding. When you buy your bedding, you can rest easy that you've made a healthy choice that promotes sustainability. Many eco-minded shoppers look for more than just a product and want to support a company dedicated to a "green" lifestyle. Many of these companies go this extra green mile by supporting various green initiatives, eco-friendly organizations, and other organic efforts for a sustainable lifestyle.

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