Finding Organic Bamboo Yarn

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If you're looking for yarn that also offers an eBamboo is a type of grass. Organic bamboo yarn is made from the pulp of that grass. The thin fibers, or strands, are spun into the yarn during the organic bamboo production process. Bamboo yarn is durable, holds color well and feels cool against the skin. Many fabric manufacturers add this plant to their cotton material or create a separate line of organic bamboo fabric.

Where to Purchase Bamboo Yarn

Although bamboo fabric and clothing seems to be fairly easy to find, bamboo yarn is a bit more challenging as it is still gaining popularity. However, there are a few online sources that offer a nice selection.

Fabulous Yarn

Fabulous yarn offers a variety of colors and options for finding organic bamboo yarn. The yarn is a 30% cotton-70% bamboo blend and one skein runs around $9.

Pattern Works

In addition to some truly fabulous patterns and project ideas, you'll find a nice selection of organic yarn at this site. Choose from bamboo, wool, silk and cotton. Although prices run a little higher, the overall yarn length is longer, so the price is comparable to other sites.

Jimmy Beans Wool

Don't miss this last retailer on our list. Jimmy Beans has a huge selection or bamboo yarn in a wide range of colors and color patterns. Perfect for making just about any project you can imagine. Prices are comparable to other retailers based on the length of the skein.

Four Reasons to Use Organic Bamboo Yarn


These yarns have very little synthetic ingredients, and some have none at all. This is good news for people who have allergic reactions to certain types of man-made materials, or who just want to get back to a more natural, organic lifestyle. Even those who have allergic reactions to wool can often wear bamboo without issues.

Natural Dyes

Most bamboo yarn manufacturers also use natural dyes. You may not find extremely vivid colors in these yarns, but with time the colors typically deepen and grow richer. Natural bamboo yarn is not white, and those companies producing organic bamboo yarn should leave it unbleached and in its natural state.


Bamboo fabric and yarn can hold up to three times its weight in moisture. This makes it an excellent choice for those who work outdoors or work out as it will wick the water away from the skin. Bamboo fabric can be worn right next to the skin and is soft and comfortable.


The yarn kills bacteria on human skin, which means it has deodorizing qualities as well. This will only last through about fifty washes, but is still a nice perk to this durable and interesting new yarn choice.

Try Bamboo Yarn Yourself

For your next knitting project, be sure to check out bamboo yarns. It will help you create a unique project that the recipient will love for years to come.

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Finding Organic Bamboo Yarn