Nutritional Consultant with Organic Meal Delivery

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There are not many nutritional consultants with organic meal delivery that are national. This doesn't mean that it is impossible to get this service, however. You may simply need to do a bit more research to find what you are looking for.

What Is a Nutritional Consultant?

A nutritional consultant is someone who is able to advise you on your body's nutritional requirements. They will ask you questions about your eating and exercise habits and assess your weight and lean muscle mass.

From this information, the nutritionist will use his or her skills to help you plan well balanced, healthy meals. This will help you achieve your weight goals and feel your best.

The problem is that some nutritionists are not trained in organics. They may not subscribe to the same beliefs that you do about things like:

For this reason, you should always find out if they use organic items in their own lives before you set up an appointment. It is also a good idea to find out if they understand your personal dietary preferences such as:

  • Raw foods
  • Vegetarianism
  • Veganism
  • Gluten Free
  • Hypoallergenic

What You Get

After the initial consultation you will probably meet with the consultant again to choose menus. Most nutritional consultants with organic meal delivery are either personal chefs or they employ personal chefs.You will pay for the ingredients for your chosen meals as well as a fee for preparation and delivery. Meals may be delivered once a week, twice a week, or even cooked right in your own home on a scheduled basis. This will largely depend on the organic meal delivery service that you choose.

Like the delivery schedule, the amount of meals you get will vary. Some services offer dinners only, while others may offer three full meals plus two snacks. Shopping around will ensure that you get exactly what you want.


This is where each service will vary considerably.

A Preplanned Menu

Some nutritional consultants with organic delivery have a set menu. They deliver the same menu to each of their clients. This tends to keep the cost down for both them and you but it does not allow for a lot of personal choice. There is usually an alternate item for each main dish to allow for taste preferences, but there may not be.

This might be for you if you are willing to not only try new things but to have minimal control over what you eat.

Personal Menu

There will be a lot of variation in how this is done as well. Most often with a personalized menu you will be working with a personal chef that cooks in your home once a week rather than a delivery service per se. Again, the number of meals that you receive each day will vary according to your plan and the service you use.With a personalized menu you will sit down with the nutritionist and the chef if the nutritionist is not a chef as well. Together you will come up with meal plans that take into account your caloric requirements, special nutritional needs, preferences, and budget. You will pay for the ingredients that the chef buys as well as a fee for the preparation.

The items will usually be prepared in your kitchen, and stored in your storage containers with instructions on thawing (if frozen), warming, or serving.

This might be perfect for you if you have a limited diet, are a picky eater, prefer a wide variety, or more control over your meals.

Where to Find a Nutritional Consultant with Organic Meal Delivery

You will find this service much more easily if you live in or near a large city, especially on one of the coasts. It is more difficult to find this service in the central areas of the United States.

Ask at your local natural foods or health food store. They often have people leave cards and information about these services. There may also be a bulletin board with this type of service advertised.

Nationwide Service

There are few nationwide organic meal delivery services. Because of the delivery charges and other costs unique to nationwide service, these will usually be more expensive than local companies.

Using a nutritional consultant with organic meal delivery can be a great option for professionals who want a clean diet without having to cook. It will cost more than making your meals yourself, but the time savings may be worth it to you.

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Nutritional Consultant with Organic Meal Delivery