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Where to Find Non-GMO Seeds


Non-GMO Seeds are seeds that are not genetically modified in any way. Using them ensures that all kinds of plants will continue to be diverse, unique, and retain their natural strengths. Non-GMO seeds can also be referred to as open pollinated seeds, organic seeds and heirloom seeds.

Companies That Sell Non-GMO Seeds

Most companies that sell heirloom seeds also have pledged to keep GMO seeds out of their inventory. They feel that the concerns outweigh any positive aspects of GMOs. Still, it is important to read the fine print and call the company to ask questions about anything you are not sure of.

Victory Seeds

Victory Seeds has joined with many other companies in a pledge to not carry any genetically modified product. They carry many heirloom seeds and open pollinated varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Shopping at Victory Seeds is a very simple, straightforward process. The company has not spent a lot of time developing its site to look pretty, but the functionality is excellent.

This is the site to go to when you only care about finding quality seeds for a reasonable price. Many customers of Victory Seeds have taken to review websites like Dave's Garden to speak highly about the wide variety of seeds available through Victory Seeds.

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change is another company that fully supports biodiversity. They carry a number of unusual varieties of organic seeds including herbs and vegetables. Shopping at Seeds of Change is very streamlined and the categories are divided clearly. You can find everything from tools to heirloom seed varieties and gardening gifts through this company. Customers also have the option of shopping from a color catalog that goes into great detail on the seeds they sell.

Seeds of Change is known as the oldest 100% organic seed company in the United States, and they enjoy reasonably high reviews on major gardening review sites.

Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange specializes in unique non-GMO seeds. They emphasize varieties that grow well in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States. The company sells not only traditional vegetable seeds but cotton, Wonderberry, and other garden seeds that may be difficult to find elsewhere. You can shop at Southern Exposure through their online store or through the catalog that they put out every season. has a long set of reviews for Southern Exposure where customers rave about large germination rates and great customer service.

Fedco Seeds

Fedco Seeds is a unique option for getting heirloom seeds since it is a cooperative. This means that customers can elect to become members of the company and make decisions regarding the direction of the company. This can often result in Fedco Seeds having access to bulbs and seeds that are gaining regional popularity at the time of sale. High quality seeds and various plant starts can be found here.

Territorial Seed Company

The Territorial Seed Company is based out of Cottage Grove, Oregon and specializes in open-pollinated, organic and heirloom seeds. Not all of the varieties offered by the Territorial Seed Company are organic, but their selection is extensive.

What sets this company apart from other companies dealing in organic and heirloom seeds is that they actually grow their own seeds at their seed farm. They control the growing conditions of the plants they allow to go to seed and they harvest the seeds themselves. This means that there is even less of an opportunity for contamination from GMO seeds. Shoppers can use the convenient website or order from the catalog that comes out every growing season.

The company enjoys a very positive reputation on most consumer awareness sites like Yelp! and others.

Adaptive Seeds

Adaptive Seeds also grows their own seed varieties and harvests them on site. They are packaged by employees of the company and are shipped out from the site to the consumer with a virtually non-existent potential for contamination.

Shopping with Adaptive Seeds requires you to order from the online catalog as they do not have a paper catalog that they mail out. You can either purchase through the site itself or send a money-order to the company along with your seed order. Along with their extensive array of heirloom seed varieties, Adaptive Seeds also has a very informative step-by-step guide to saving your own seeds from future harvests.

Know Where Your Seeds Come From

There are a lot of places to buy seeds from these days. However, you have to be careful about where you buy your seeds if you want to be guaranteed that you're buying non-GMO seeds for your garden. Thankfully, there are a number of worthwhile resources you can look through that offer a great diversity of healthy plants for your garden.

Where to Find Non-GMO Seeds