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Looking for Jobs on Organic Farms

organic farm jobs

Are you looking for jobs on organic farms? Working on an organic farm can be a very rewarding experience.

Jobs on Organic Farms with Guest Facilities

There are a number of organic farms that function as guest facilities. Some are designed as experiential education centers, while others focus on attracting school groups, family vacation travelers, and educational retreats. If you're looking for jobs on organic farms, you may want to investigate employment opportunities with the facilities listed below, as well as other similar organic farming facilities located in other parts of the world.

Emandal Organic Farm

The Emandal organic farm in Willits, California is a working farm that also functions as a guest facility, hosting family vacations, group activities and retreats, and other types of special events. This northern California organic farm actively recruits employees to staff a variety of positions during the busiest months of the year, which range from March through October.

Applications are accepted for the upcoming season starting in January of each year. See the jobs page on the farm's website for open positions and application forms. Compensation expectations are posted with each position. In addition to a weekly salary, room and board are included with each position. Positions that may be available at Emandal include:

  • Animal caretaker
  • Cooking enthusiast
  • Environmental education
  • Facilities
  • Gardener
  • Naturalist
  • Office manager
  • Seasonal support staff
  • Internship opportunities

Hawthorne Valley Farm

Located in Ghent, New York, Hawthorne Valley Farm is a 400 acre biodynamic dairy farming facility. School groups visit the farm throughout the fall, spring, and winter months. Additionally, several summer camp sessions are held each summer.Both internship and employment opportunities are available for individuals interested in living and working on this unique upstate New York organic farming and educational facility.

If you're interested in working at Hawthorne Valley Farm, you'll need to download the application form and submit it for consideration along with your resume and references, per the instructions printed on the document. Each position includes a seasonal stipend plus room and board, which consists of organic meals prepared with food products grown on the farm.

Jobs that Hawthorne Valley Farm staffs include:

  • Camp counselors
  • Cooks
  • Counselors in training
  • Farm apprenticeships
  • Farmscape ecology apprenticeships
  • Field Camp workers
  • House parents

Pacific Quest

Pacific Quest is an experiential learning and therapeutic facility for teenagers located in Hawaii. Students live and work on an eight acre organic farm, where they take care of farming and base camp duties as well as participating in group and individual counseling sessions. The organization has a variety of employment opportunities for individuals interested in living and working on an organic farm while working with youth. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree, preferably in Psychology, Outdoor Education, Farming, or a related field. It's also necessary to have a current First Aid and CPR certification to work for Pacific Quest.

If you're interested in working on this unique organic farm, forward your resume to []. Positions at Pacific Quest include room and board.

Additional Options for Looking for Jobs on Organic Farms

Not all organic farms are guest facilities. Many are simply working farms that utilize organic techniques for the purposes of food production. Organic farms throughout the world hire individuals to perform various types of tasks, ranging from farm manager positions to field hands and farm stand workers. Some positions are designed to be internship and apprenticeship opportunities, while others require experience and/or degrees in relevant fields.

Resources for Finding Jobs in Organic Farming

Tips for Job Hunters

Working on an organic farm isn't right for everyone. When looking for jobs on organic farms, keep in mind that employers will want to hear why you find this type of work appealing. Update your resume so that it highlights your relevant training and experience, then customize the objective so it accurately reflects your interest in organic farming.

LoveToKnow Jobs also has several articles about resumes, job interviews, and career planning that you may find useful as you investigate opportunities in the organic farming field.

Looking for Jobs on Organic Farms