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Who Tests Organic Beauty Products?

Organic beauty products testing can be hit or miss.

There are several nonprofit groups and organizations that review and test organic beauty products. Many individuals also personally test organic beauty products and write blog reviews about their experiences.

Understanding Organic Beauty Product Labels

Before looking at tests for organic beauty products, it's important to understand label definitions. I Buy It Green provides a list of labels for organic beauty products, and what the symbols and terms mean.

Organic Beauty Product Tests and Reviews

Testing Organizations and Reviewers

The following groups test or review organic beauty products. While the term 'best' organic beauty products is subjective, these groups will explore each product, particularly how well it adheres to its beauty claims.

  • The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics: This website reviews many products, both conventional and organic, and supplies informative articles for the general public based on their findings. Sections include explanation of the science behind the headlines. Testing is based on reviews by the group of various products. The findings may shock you.
  • The Organic Consumers Association: A nonprofit group, The Organic Consumers Association provides a resource guide to find organic products, as well as forums for members to share information. Many product companies provide reviews on their websites, but these are apt to be highly subjective.

Blogs That Test and Review

Numerous blogs, written by beauty industry professions as well as fellow women who care about organic products, provide product reviews. The products are tested by the individual who then writes her response. One blog to note include:

Get Information for Individual Ingredients

If you need more information on a particular ingredient in an organic beauty product, you may have better luck seeking information just on that ingredient, rather than a review or test of the product. For example, many organic beauty products, such as organic lip balm, contain botanical extracts such as neem, tea tree oil, lavender and similar plant-based products. A reputable herbs information website may provide more information on the benefits and drawbacks of a particular ingredient than a testing organization or product review.

Become an Informed Customer

No matter what your reason for seeking organic beauty products, reading product reviews, study test results, and researching ingredients can help you become a more informed consumer. All the test results in the world can only give you facts. Your personal reaction, however, and reasons for seeking organic products are probably the most important factor in your decision to seek organic beauty products.

Who Tests Organic Beauty Products?