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Green Grove Organics


Green Grove Organics boasts an impressive range of products offered to the public within Australia and beyond. Signature products include organic licorice, chocolate, and bread.

History of Green Grove Organics

Green Grove farm has been in operation since 1934. Located in Australia, the farm has become a recognizable landmark and globally famous producer of quality organic products. The organic grain produced on this farm is processed through the on-site flour mill.

It was in the early 1960s that the owner decided to transition to organic farming instead of remaining a conventional farm. This was long before most mainstream farmers considered the option of using organic methods for farming.

The historic flour mill retains the same look and feel it had when the farm first opened for business. The farm hosts tours throughout the farm and mill, and Green Grove Organics is a well-known supplier of quality organic products. This farm has won numerous awards for ground-breaking products.

Organic Products in Australia

The certification process for organic foods within Australia is different from the United States. While organic foods within the United States are certified organic by the USDA and other sources, foods within Australia can be certified organic by the Biological Farmers Association of Australia. The BFA deems Green Grove Organics as a Grade A farm, which means the farm has met or exceeded all the standards set forth by the BFA.


Green Grove produces some very innovative organic products. They are heralded as providing quality organic foods that may not be easily found elsewhere.

Here is a brief listing of some of the organic products offered through this supplier:

  • Milk chocolate covered licorice
  • Milk chocolate covered strawberries
  • Dark chocolate covered coffee beans
  • Dark chocolate covered sun muscat
  • White chocolate covered almonds
  • White chocolate covered macadamia nuts

The farm also produces chocolate covered ginger, cherries, and sultana. Sweets are produced through the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory, which is located on site within the confines of the farm.


The costs of items purchased from this farm are relatively expensive. Customers should keep in mind, however, that the cost of maintaining an organic farm and mill is more than the costs associated with maintaining a conventional farm, so the prices of the products offered through Green Grove reflect this additional expense.

Customers should also realize that the items available for purchase through Green Grove are not necessities, but instead are treats and confectioneries that most people expect to pay more for.

Keep in mind that ordering items from this farm outside of Australia will result in extra shipping costs. All in all, the price of obtaining a genuine Green Grove Organics item can be significantly more expensive than going to a local health food store or organic shop and purchasing similar items.

Some customers of this farm will make the claim that the items are so tasty and of such high quality that the extra cost is certainly worth it.

International Shipping

Green Grove Organics will ship products to customers worldwide. Customers purchasing organic products online via the Green Grove website may not receive immediate details regarding the shipping costs associated with a purchase from the farm.

For example, a customer within the United States may make a purchase online, but the actual shipping costs must be calculated by a farm employee. For this reason, international customers can expect to have a delay in their shipment as shipping costs are calculated and the customer is contacted with the total price of the transaction.

Local Offerings

Green Grove Farm also operates a shop that is available for tourists and local customers. Organic coffee products and other organic treats are available within the shop that are not made available to worldwide customers via the Internet or over the phone.

The farm also rents out space within the mill for parties, conferences, and other functions.

Green Grove Organics