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Cooking with Organic Egg Whites: Expert Interview

Eggology Organic Egg White Products

Cooking with organic egg whites is a great way to add protein and cut fat in your diet, but separating eggs takes time and throwing away yolks is wasteful. The solution is to buy egg whites. How can you be sure that you are getting a pure product? LoveToKnow recently talked to Brad Halpern of Eggology to find out more.

The Eggology of Cooking with Organic Egg Whites

LovetoKnow: What caused you to develop this product?

Brad Halpern: In the 1970s everyone was becoming concerned about health. There was a lot of concern about cholesterol and egg replacement products started showing up in stores. I was a triathlete and I saw a lot of athletes using egg whites to increase the protein in their diet. It is a hassle separating all those eggs. I thought that there was a need for an easy-to-use, pure product. When people began becoming concerned about organics in the mid 1990s we began using organic eggs.

LTK: Well, there are other egg white products on the market. What makes yours different?

BH: There are several differences. First of all, our product is in a clear bottle. You can see that there is nothing added and the egg whites are pure and unfiltered. You can see the foam and the chalazae, a natural part of the white, floating around.

The whites are fresh. Other companies that create this type of product are often egg separation companies that primarily sell yolks to ice cream manufacturers and other food manufacturers. The whites are frozen until they can be marketed. We never freeze our product. We make each bottle to order. The product is good for the same amount of time opened or unopened, there are no preservatives added.

When you are cooking with organic egg whites you want the same results every time. The product you buy should be the same as if you had separated an egg at home. You can whip these egg whites into a meringue with no problems. You can't do that with the other brands unless they have added tri-ethylcyclate to help them whip.

LTK: What safety precautions does your company take against food-borne illnesses?

BH: Our commitment to food safety is a top priority. The USDA requires testing for bacteria only once every eight production days. This means that if you test on Friday you don't have to test again for almost two weeks. We test every single day. You see, pasteurization is not always effective at killing all the microbes present. It does not kill salmonella, for example. By testing every day we can be sure we are providing our customers with a safe product.

All About the Animals

LTK: Where do you get the eggs?

BH: The eggs come from local farms and ranches here in Southern California. Not only are they certified organic and certified humane, but we have our own certification program that they have to pass. We want to know that they are using good manufacturing processes.

Certified humane-raised hen.

LTK: Why cage free?

BH: It is a priority for our company that the hens be treated, not just humanely, but better. Our standards for the humane treatment of the hens include the following:

  • Hens live and move freely in large community open-air hen houses.
  • No cages. Our hens have unlimited access to feed, water, and dirt for bathing.
  • Hens are fed a 100 percent certified organic diet, which is composed mainly of organic corn, organic alfalfa, organic soy, organic salt and limestone.
  • Hens that become injured for any reason receive immediate attention from an onsite poultry specialist to determine if the injury requires isolation for healing, or that the severity of injury will incur undo suffering in which case the hen is humanely euthanized.
  • Hens that die are cremated on the ranch to prevent any potential for disease.
  • Hens are not debeaked.
  • Hens are purchased at day one of age, thus we only house female chicks.

LTK: What does certified humane mean?

BH: Our products meet all the requirements for the Humane Farm Animal Care Standards. This means that the animals are fed a nutritious diet without added hormones or antibiotics. They are provided with shelter, sufficient space for their needs, and allowed to engage in the natural behaviors associated with their species.

Other Products

LTK: Do you produce other items?

BH: Yes. We have an entire line of products that use organic egg whites. Often when you buy natural, organic products, they taste bland. When you buy the things that are bad for you they taste great. We are trying to marry the two; an all-natural, healthy product with a decadent taste.

We make an ice cream that has less fat and more protein than other ice creams. It is made with egg whites and the taste is absolutely decadent! It is completely organic and the milk has no bovine growth hormones. Cool Cravings is available in five flavors.

Other items we produce are:

  • Eggology-on-the-Go, a microwaveable, scrambled egg white breakfast. Just microwave until the op pops up and enjoy four, perfectly cooked scrambled egg whites.
  • Simply Sensational desserts and muffins are delicious, all natural baked goods

The Future of Eggology

Cooking with organic egg whites is not the only vision for Eggology. The company will soon be releasing a line of cosmetics based on the organic egg whites. It already ships to spas and cosmetologists around the country and will soon be available for everyone.The company's products can be found in many major grocery stores including:

  • Albertson's
  • Wild Oats
  • Whole Foods
  • Central Market
  • HEB
  • Shop Right

If you are unable to locate a store near you the products can be shipped directly to your door. The website, Eggology, has more information about the company and products, as well as recipes.

Brad Halpern's passion is producing a quality product that people will love. Eggology seems to be doing just that.

Cooking with Organic Egg Whites: Expert Interview