Where to Find Cheap Organic Clothes

100% organic clothing

Organic clothes are healthy for the planet and the user, but sometimes they can be expensive. "Cheap" is relative when it comes to certified organic clothing; however, you'll find these retailers have reasonable prices and sales on quality organic products.


The clothes made by this California based business are from cotton and production processes certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and sewn by workers in Nepal who are given fair wages. Their organic range includes men's and women's wear.

  • Menswear is made of organic cotton and colored by low impact, plastisol-free dyes. This range includes basic and long-sleeved tee-shirts, and prices vary from $48 to $53, respectively.
  • Women's wear is not only certified by GOTS but also Fairtrade and are influenced by the colors and designs in Nepal and India. The range for women is more than that available for men, and includes tops, dresses (boho-chic, maxis, and casual summer sundresses), outerwear (cardigans, jackets, and zip-up sweaters), bottoms (skirts, leggings, pants, shorts, and palazzo pants) and scarves. There are dresses that, after discount, start at $29 and go up to $92. Scarves are around $12, while bottoms vary from $33 for a skirt to joggers that cost $75. Jackets are the most expensive items as most of them are over $125.

Synergy has only one retail shop in Santa Cruz in California, but online shopping is possible for domestic and international customers.

  • Shipping: All domestic orders are sent free of shipping charges with no minimum purchases.
  • Returns and exchanges: Synergy accepts returns of unworn or defective clothes within 21 days of purchase, but only of items purchased online.

Beaumont Organic

This company specializes in creating casual luxury pieces for women and is certified by Fairtrade. They bring out two collections each year that are made in England and Portugal. The materials used are organic cotton certified by GOTS, as well as eco-fabrics like wool, bamboo, linen, and leather.

The Organic Cotton Range includes dresses, tops, nightwear, sweatshirts, skirts, jackets, and trousers in muted colors from white, grey, blue to black. Shirts start at around £35 (or $47), tee-shirts at £25 pounds ($34), and skirts and dresses at £59 ($80). The priciest items are jackets, cardigans and tops at £150 ($200), £160 ($215) and £170 ($230) respectively.

  • CAYLA Organic Cotton Print Tshirt
    CAYLA Organic Cotton Print Tshirt
    Delivery: Beaumont Organic delivers worldwide. Shipping costs apply, where rates are the least for UK at £5 ($7) for any package, and free delivery for orders over £150 ($200). For USA and the rest of the world, there is a delivery charge of £30 ($40) for orders up to £200 ($270), after which delivery is free -- order more to get the best deal. Delivery times for UK, Europe and the rest of the world are within 3, 7 and 10 working days, respectively.
  • Returns and exchanges: They exchange items or even take them back, if returned in the original package. Costs for transport in this case have to be borne by the customers. Exchanges of style, color and size are possible, after filling a form for exchanges. Returns are possible with refunds if the customer gets in touch within 14 days of receiving the order and sends the clothes within the next 14 days.


Patagonia is based in California and makes clothing for adults with the aim of minimizing their impact on the environment. Their entire cotton range is organic and is certified by USDA, and is part of a wider offer that are created from recycled material and low-impact textiles.

Though Patagonia produce casual and work clothes, they specialize in clothes for seven outdoor sports from mountain climbing to biking. Patagonia's organic range includes clothes for men and women, like tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, trousers, socks, and caps. Socks are the cheapest at $18, caps and tee-shirts cost around $30, sweatshirts cost $60, jeans vary between $60 to $110, quilt hoody vary from $90 to $180 and jackets come at $200.

  • Delivery: Patagonia products can be ordered online within USA; they take international orders from countries in Central America, the Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Eastern Europe. Their products are also stocked by many shops in the USA. Deliveries above $75 are shipped free of charge but require up to 10 working days. Quicker delivery is possible by paying for the shipping. Costs for standard deliveries within 7 days are based on the amount of purchase. While two-days, next-day and Saturday shipping costs incur an extra cost on top of standard costs. Shipping to international destinations varies between $40 -$75 depending on distances.
  • Returns and repairs: Patagonia takes back unworn clothes for returns at a cost within seven days and have a special form which customers must fill. They also repair damaged items and send them back within 30 days. Their website also offers DIY advice to repair their products. After use they take back the worn clothes against a credit for a further purchase.


Bleed is a German company that is independent and focuses on promoting local economy and sustainability. Bleed clothing uses organic fabrics that are vegan, with cotton certified by GOTS, and recycled material certified by Bluesign. Since many of their items have a mix of fabrics, they also use OE100 certification by Organic Content Standard.


They make causals for men and women, like tee-shirts, light-weight hoody, stone-washed and active jeans. Vintage tee-shirts cost €23 ($27), and ladies long-sleeved oxbloods cost €45 ($53). Hoody cost €50 ($60), and jeans vary from €70-100 ($83-120). The prices are inclusive of taxes.

  • Delivery: Bleed delivers all orders free of charge within Germany. Deliveries in Europe and outside Europe are free of shipping costs for orders above €90 ($106) and €150 ($180) respectively; order more to keep delivery fees at bay. Delivery times are 2-3 days within Germany and up to two weeks to all other countries.
  • Returns and refund: Bleed accepts returns of goods (or revocation of contracts) only for garments which are prefabricated and not personalized for customers, within 14 days of receiving the items. Refund of money inclusive of shipping costs are possible.


Noctu is located in Bath, UK and makes nightwear for the entire family inspired by Scandinavian designs. The entire range is made of organic cotton certified by GOTS and follow sustainable practices certified by Fairtrade.

Nightwear for women includes short and long drape nighties, nightshirts, harems, shorts, tee-shirts and kimonos in pastels and dark colors, that come also with contrasting stripes. Costs vary from £25 ($34) for shorts and tee-shirts, £45 ($60) for night shirts and drape nighties to £60 ($80) for kimonos.

mens t-shirt

The range for men includes nightshirts, lounge pants, pyjama bottoms, shorts and tee-shirts. The cost for shorts and tee-shirts is around £25 ($34), while bottoms and nightshirts cost from £45-50 ($60-67).

  • Delivery: Delivery time is 2-3 days in UK and costs £4 ($5). International shipping costs £10 ($14), requires 1-2 weeks, and are subject to local taxes applicable in the region where customers live.
  • Returns and exchanges: Only unworn, undamaged and unsoiled are accepted for returns, within 14 days of receipt. A form has to be filled, and refunds are possible.

Encourage Organics

The difficulty in finding organic clothing, especially cheap ones, shows it is still a niche market. The companies are small, but try to improve their reach through online shopping. By creating more demand, customers can help to make organic clothing for kids, for babies, and for adults more mainstream and encourage the expansion of organic cultivation.

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Where to Find Cheap Organic Clothes