Certified Organic Jerky in Canada

Organic salmon jerky is available in Canada

People looking for certified organic jerky in Canada have a lot of types to choose from. Before they decide which jerky to buy, they need to understand how organic meat certification in Canada differs from certification in the United States.

Canadian Organic Labeling Rules

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is the main organization that certifies Canadian-made products as organic. The symbol for this certification contains the words "Canada Organic," plus "Biologique," which is the French equivalent of the word organic. It looks like two green hills with a maple leaf peering over the top of them. All products with this logo anywhere on their labels must meet Canada's Organic Product Regulations, which can be found on the Food Inspection Agency's website.

Canada has a reciprocal relationship with the United States regarding organic products, so there may be some products for sale in Canada that feature the USDA logo instead of the Canadian one and meet U.S. organic standards.

Additionally, there are rules for the wording on product labels, whether the product is a vegetable, dairy product or meat product, like jerky. These rules are the following:

  • Organic - Products with the word "organic" prominently displayed on the front of the label or the main panel have to have 95% organic ingredients, meaning they come from certified sources, with water and salt as the exceptions.
  • Contains Organic Ingredients - Products that have at least 70% certified organic ingredients but less than 95% can mention the exact percentage of these ingredients prominently on the product label but cannot list organic without this modifier.
  • Ingredients Listing - Products with less than 70% organic ingredients can have the word organic in the ingredients list only to modify the ingredients. For example the label can say "organic tomatoes" in the ingredients if it is a salsa made primarily with onions and peppers that are not certified organic but the tomatoes are certified.

Buying Certified Organic Jerky in Canada

There are dozens of places on the Web where a person can buy organic jerky and have it shipped to Canada, but people who want to buy organic jerky in Canada that is Canadian produced have fewer options. Some available brands are:

  • XH Ranch - This ranch in British Columbia sells organic buffalo jerky and other types of organic bison meat. Tours of the 800 acre ranch are also available.
  • Dick Duff's - This Ontario company specializes in what many would consider gourmet-flavored jerky. The company's current flavors include Dijon mustard, red wine & rosemary, and sweet chipotle. They state that all of their jerky is made from 100% organic beef, and their products are certified organic in the United States and Canada.

Note that certified organic dog jerky must still meet organic labeling requirements.

Be Prepared to Pay More

Most jerky that is made and sold in Canada can easily be shipped to the United States, especially since jerky, by nature, is dried and preserved. Americans that fall in love with certified organic jerky in Canada should simply contact the manufacturer and ask about overseas delivery. Note that it may be more expensive than having jerky shipped from anywhere in the United States simply due to the fact that the package will have to cross international borders. Trade laws do not restrict this type of shipment in small quantities.

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Certified Organic Jerky in Canada