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As awareness surrounding the importance of organic foods grows, dog owners around the world are now striving to provide organic food to their pets. Lots of companies can say they use organic ingredients with the food they produce, but you can never be sure unless the food provided by the company has been certified organic by an outside verification organization.

Organic Dog Food Brands

Most natural food stores and supermarkets carry at least one brand of certified organic dog food. At the larger organic markets you may have several choices, and there are even more options if you're willing to shop online.

Newman's Own

Newman's Own offers a wide range of organic food options for people and pets. They offer everything from organic dry dog food to organic canned dog food, and they also offer organic dog treats for good measure.

Newman's Own Organics Canned Dog Food at Amazon.com
Newman's Own Organics Canned Dog Food

Newman's Own organic dog food is certified by the USDA to be organic. Anything that Newman's Own carries that claims to be organic has been certified by the USDA, meaning that you never have to question whether the food is "real" organic or is simply called organic by the manufacturer.

They use high quality ingredients in all the food they produce. The beef used in the dog food is "free range" and is housed on an open plain that is the size equivalent of two soccer fields. Newman's Own organic pet foods are a very popular choice amongst natural pet owners, and have been widely praised for their quality.

Natural Planet Organics

According to the philosophy of Natural Planet Organics, the impetus for developing organic foods is from an inherent understanding at the corporate level that healthier food equals happier pets. The company that makes Natural Planet Organics also makes a wide range of economy pet foods that are non-organic, however all foods from the Natural Planet Organics line are certified organic.

Natural Planet Organics also come in biodegradable, compostable bags. The bags are made out of a natural polymer that breaks down quickly to help eliminate the toll of plastic bags in landfills.

The ingredients in Natural Planet Organics are very high quality, without any fillers or corn. Natural Planet Organics is also committed to sourcing many of their ingredients from dedicated non-GMO sources. Natural Planet Organics are a popular natural option for dog owners and the dog food they make is considered of very high quality by many sources.


PetGuard makes a whole line of organic pet foods that are certified organic by the USDA. Their foods are all made from responsibly-sourced ingredients using vendors that have a good reputation for quality and responsibility.

The dog foods prepared by PetGuard are very nutrient-dense and contain no artificial preservatives or filler materials. As such, dog owners can actually feed their dog less of the food to provide the same amount of nutrition as they would with another brand. In addition to the high-quality organically certified dog foods offered by PetGuard, the company also sells natural pet care products like shampoos and other grooming supplies. PetGuard prides itself on being a broad-based resource for pet owners who want to provide a more natural, healthy lifestyle for their pets.

By Nature Organics

By Nature Organics is a pet food and pet supply company that focuses on natural pet foods. Their line of certified organic pet foods come in both dry and canned varieties. The canned organic dog foods are certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association.

By Nature Organics sources natural, organic ingredients for all of the foods they offer, and each product has its nutritional facts listed on its page. These facts show that the dog foods sold through By Nature Organics contain high-value nutritional elements as well as a low amount of preservatives of any kind.

The website for By Nature Organics is also an excellent resource for pet owners about nutritional topics and other pet health concerns. Access to nutritional information and other useful pet resources is an invaluable part of what By Nature Organics offers in tandem with their certified organic products.

Finding Certified Organic Dog Food Is Easy

It used to be very difficult to find organic dog food options in pet stores. However, that is quickly changing with the growing number of dog food companies that are listening to the needs of their customers and finding more responsible ways to make dog food. The potential benefits of better pet health and a longer life are excellent reasons on their own to look into organic dog foods.

As the popularity of these foods increases, the pricing on them will go down with time. This makes these dog foods not only a healthy alternative, but increasingly accessible to the average shopper.

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Certified Organic Dog Food Options